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Friday, December 23, 2011

CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY!! Swarovski Crystal earrings + Outfit of the Day: Leather top & High waisted pants!!!

Hello my beautiful readers! It's currently 3.33am in Sydney and I'm flying out to Melbourne at 7 am!!! CRAZY I KNOW! I was planning on sleeping for a few hours..but apparently my sister had plans of her own -__- haha
Anyway I find it crazy that I'm reaching 3000 subbies soon and also what else i find crazy is CHRISTMAS IS HERE!! So i decided to do another GIVEAWAY! this time it involves Swarovski Crystal Earrings! =]
The rules are below!!

All you have to do is Firstly obviously be a subscriber of my channel http://www.youtube.com/user/butterfliielilian?feature=mhee
"Like" the my Giveaway video!
Follow me on twitter to know about the updates if you have one!
And lastly "Like" my Fb page please =]

Disclaimer: I bought the earrings with my own money.

Also i came across this amazing clothing website called Causewaymall!! When i tell you its crazy cheap...i mean it! It is a wholesale price clothing website..with such cute stuff!! Link is below and I've also included a few of the clothes in my "Outfit Of the Day'!! enjoy!


I adore you all
Lilian x


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Selena Gomez Inspired Outfit Of The Day: Short Yellow dress + ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

Hello my pretties! Well I was at a baby shower a few weeks ago (when it was sunny in Sydney) ..now we're back to winter apparently loll, anyway i wore this short yellow dress. It was inspired by Selena Gomez. She tends to wear a lot of colour in her outfit, which I absolutely adore!! I teamed it up with black sparkly high pumps! =] I also want to announce, while in LA a few months ago i had the privilege honor of being in a music video. The artist Alex Trebor released his recent music video called "Winners Circle"...linked below..i hope you all enjoy it..but don't get too scared..hehe Love Lilian x


Sunday, December 4, 2011

WINNERS for 1000 Subscriber Giveaway & Outfit of the day: Leather corset & pink skirt!!!!!!

Hey my beauties!! The weather in Sydney has had a 360 degree complete change, as crazy as it sounds its meant to be summer now..but I'm currently wearing 3 layers of clothing!! Lets hope we see the suns beautiful rays soon! =] So i was so excited to announce the winners of my 1000 subbie Giveaway! I don't think anyone understand the gratitude i feel reading through each and everyone of these comments. I feel so blessed and thankful to have viewers like all of you and from the bottom of my heart i appreciate each and every single one of you <3


First Prize:

Second Prize:

Third Prize:

I once again want to thank every single person who entered. If anything i thought i would get 50 entries..i NEVER expected 300!!!!!!! i love and adore each and everyone of you =]

I also decided to film an "Outfit of the day"!! I'm wearing a black leather corset from Charlotte Russe and a pink long skirt from Supre'. Hope you all enjoy the video.

With so much Love...
Lilian xx


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Outfit Of The Day: Little Black dress & denim short shorts!!!!

So as you all know i adore my blazers, although on Saturday night i decided to switch it up a bit and bring out the Little Black Dress "LBD"! I'm so excited as summer is coming along very soon, so the black dress or any "little dress" i guess you can say will be making more appearances throughout the way. I decided to team up my LBD with gold jewellery. I used the "House of Harlow" Gold hanging necklace with 2 rings I got from "Colette Accessories" (Links will all be in the video below) I teamed up my jewellery and dress with my green/army colour Siren shoes which i got a while back. Any black dress or chic' looking dress is a great addition to your wardrobe, as you can continue to switch up the style and accessories evolving it! I purchased mien from "Sportsgirl"!

The second outfit portrayed was much more of a casual look. I teamed up an ordinary black singlet with my calvin klein short shorts, alongside a pink loose fitted blazer.

remember to always have fun with your outfits, regardless if its for a casual event, or a party, try to stand out and don't forget to layer!! =]

Keep smiling
Love Lilian x


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sister Love.

My sister is the only person i can tell on in the morning
and giggle with by the afternoon.
She was my first confidant and my closest companion
and she will always be my precious friend.

Love Lilian x

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

1000 Subscriber straightener- Jewellery- Makeup Giveaway!!!!!!!!

This is crazy you guys! I cannot thank you guys more for always supporting, commenting and "Liking" my videos!! it means the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
So i decided to have a INTERNATIONAL giveaway!! WOOOOOOOOOO =] So there will be a first second & third winner!! All you have to do is Firstly obviously be a subscriber of my channel http://www.youtube.com/user/butterfliielilian?feature=mhee
"Like" the my Giveaway video!
Follow me on twitter to know about the updates if you have one!
And lastly "Like" my Fb page please =]

PRIZES =] !!!

First: A KMS California travel hair straighter!

Second: Party "Equip" Jewellery - including a heart gold/black necklace, earrings & two bracelets!!

Third: A bronzer, Blush palette, Gold Glitter pot, Lip Balm & Jade mascara!! All from Jade Makeup- Icon Lace!

All images and the contest video can be seen above!

You must be over 18 to participate or if you aren't please ask your parents for permission!


Submit a Video response (with the title "Butterfliielilian Huge giveaway"), or leave a comment under the Video about an Inspiring person, object or anything!! Be creative!! Why that item or person makes you happy? or influences you??! <3 Don't forget it is an INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY!! =]

Disclaimer: I bought everything with my own money.

I adore you all
Lilian x


New Media & my new Fb page!!

It's so weird once you think about it, it was only a few years ago when Facebook, YouTube and Twitter among other popular social media websites weren't available for us! They have not only created a globalized community..although have ensured us all with the power, the voice and the opportunity to create our very own community among each other. Having said this I decided to create my very own "Butterfliielilian" Facebook page to share with the public! Please "Like" my page to show support.
Much Love as always

Lilian x

Thursday, October 27, 2011

How to become more beautiful.

Beauty isn't what you wear...what you drive...who you know..what you earn..where you go or what brand you own...

Beauty is not to judge.
Always remain Genuine.
To keep secrets.
Stay Loyal.
Give compliments.
Do deeds.
Give back to those in need.
its simple..be polite.
keep smiling.
Love those who surround you.
and respect everyone..regardless of age.race.sexuality.gender.ethnicity.

these will let you stand out and become loved. <3 Lilian


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Armenian Dance Concert & The importance of Heritage!

As most of you know I do have an Armenian cultural background; being born and raised in Australia though has distanced me from my cultural heritage. Although my mum wanting me to still be apart of the Armenian culture, she enrolled me in Armenian traditional dancing at the age of 3. I must say i didn't always agree on being part of it when i was little, although as time when on, i absolutely fell in love with it!!! I have now been apart of the Armenian Sydney Dance Company for the past 18 years now!! CRAZY HUH!!?! that makes me feel soo old!! haha...(I was also privileged enough to be able to do the makeup look for the night on the girls!! =] )
But its become such a solid part of me now..that without it i feel so weird...so empty!!
As we all know heritage plays such an important part of an individual! whether you're from Armenia, Australia, Africa or Asia...its important to keep as many aspects as you can from that culture! If not the dance, then the food, the language..and so on!
2 nights ago was our dance concert...and even though it was my 18Th year performing..and being on stage..that rush that one gets while dancing..and entertaining an audience is honestly indescribable!! and at the end 100% worth every bit..every dance practice...every minute <3
This is what makes us all unique <3
Love Lilian x

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Outfit Of The Day: What to wear on a Date!! -Red Blazer & Tight Jeans!

So as we all know, going on a date can be a terrifying thing! One of the most common mistakes would be stressing, wearing inappropriate clothing that would make you uncomfortable, or just being too nervous to speak...I'm sure we have all been there..and done that at one point! So no biggie!!
Remember to wear comfortable clothing, you want to look sleek, sexy and chic, although NOT trashy AT ALL! Try not to reveal too much, If you decide to wear a sleeveless top for example, try not to show too much leg...or If you wear shorts, or a skirt, try not to wear a revealing top..its simple! =] Try not to over- do the makeup..something natural..with a statement lip will do the trick!! As seen in the pictures...If your eyes are natural, go for a statement lip! If not...Go vise Versa !
Every time you think you're going to begin to be nervous, or scared..just pretend you're acting in a movie..I mean what is the worst that can happen.. right?!
Don't put too much pressure on your self..just take it as it comes..and If you like the guy..great! If not...who care's? Its another add on to one of your experiences =]
Don't EVER feel pressured to do anything you don't want to..as soon as you feel the slightest feeling of being uncomfortable or weird...just make an excuse to leave if it really is that bad!
If not a lover...you found another friend..nothing to worry about...just HAVE FUN!! <3

Lilian x


Monday, October 10, 2011

Beyoncé - "Countdown" Official Music Video Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Hey beautiful people!! I came across Beyonce's new video clip..and clearly thought it was ahhmaazzinnng!! Ummm pretty sure she was pregnant in the video..and she completely still rocked it!! WOW! So I decided to recreate the look my way! Below is the video ..with a few pictures.
What I used was a yellow shimemry eye shadow, along with a brown Matt one, followed with a brown shimmery one! I used my Bobby Brown eye liner Gel, and my NYX "Milk" Jumbo eyeliner..which I'm a big fan of! Not only does it go on so smoothly..its crazy!! It also is so long lasting!
This look is great for a Halloween party look..or just a night out with the girls!! =]
Hope you guys enjoy
Lilian x


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Outfit of the day: Maxi dresses & cute Jumpsuits!!

So we all have those days were you don't know what to wear..you're scared to do something out of the ordinary..well i was having one of those moments..then i realized pshht its so much better to stand out anyway!! So while attending a wedding, i decided to team up my gorgeous brown heels that were purchased from "Wilde Pair", with a long white maxi!! The maxi was def unique, as it was really a simple short white dress, with sheer white material covering it! As seen in the video, its a new trend that will be a hit in the summer or spring!

For the wedding celebration & event at night, I decided to be simple, yet chic! A blue jumpsuit with a hugging top part, and a loose flowery bottom! So simple, yet a pop of colour stood out!
A good thing to remember is, if you do decided to wear killa heels!! make sure you plan out your outfit so you look sexy, not skimpy! For weddings its also a good idea to wear extra primer, as you do tend to dance quite a bit! =]

Hope this helped
<3 Lilian x


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sydney IMATS 2011!

On the 24th of Sep i decided.. (very last minute) to go to IMATS with my mum..being my first time i really didn't know what to expect, though i went knowing I'd probably have a good time! Honestly not only did i have a good time, i got very lucky, and met Rae Morris and Napolean Perdis. Rae Morris couldn't be more down to earth even if she tried! so humble, so sweet. She had an hour to present at the show..she inspired me to a whole new level, and i'm not even exaggerating at all!
So first of all i must add what i learnt from her hour presentation was, was that not everyone needs foundation..sometimes powder should be a must..but foundation..not so much. Secondly while taking pictures, always try to take them at eye level rather than an inch higher, or lower. This furthermore enhances certain features of the face. She gave a detailed talk about brushes and what they should be used for, her own line was released..although sadly sold out as well! LOL..after restocking it should be available soon once more.
Napoleon definetly gave me strength and inspiration as well. His hardships and hurdles to get to were he is now, has paid off! and he proved to us all you don't have to be an English speaking, highly educated individual coming from a wealthy background to be able to be successful in the industry!
The International Makeup Trade Show of 2011 in Sydney inspired me to a whole new level..& i hope this inspires you a bit at least..to begin or continue doing what you love to do within life.

Life is Beautiful..never forget

x Lilian


Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Hey beautiful people! I just thought I'd share with you all a few of the pictures from the photo shoot i did back in February for a makeup company called "Mystique Beauty", along with a promotional shoot for a clothing one called "Sassy Boutique"! We all had such a blast modelling the pictures, the crew was so nice, the makeup artist was such a doll!! We had a blast & I thank them so much for having me !! x Hope you enjoy the pictures =]


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Outfit of the day: Leather tights & Blazers!!!!

So you all know by now my obsession with blazers!! they are perfect for a chic' look to basically any outfit!! A black well fitted blazer, along with a unique feature (similar to lady gaga style) shoulder padding's can also attract more attention & will definitely do the trick! I tend to like to wear my blazers with loose fitting tops/t-shirts..just for that extra comfort! Pairing your outfit with the right accessories, is as important as wearing the right shoes!
I tend to wear long necklaces rather than short ones during daytime, then whilst going out/dinner/coffee i like to spice things up and be more sophisticated with statement "bigger" pieces at night =]
And not forgetting the statement rings...just saying..the outfits wont be the same without them =]
The clothing I'm wearing in the video & pics can be found at Sportgirl, Abercombie & Fitch..or if you're overseas Forever 21 & Charlotte Russe have similar findings!
Jewellery from Diva..Link Below!

Wear Outfits that show who you are as a person & portray your inner self
...Till next time <3 Lilian x


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kim Kardashian's Wedding Makeup Tutorial

Using my Kat Von D makeup palette, I created a more subtle natural looking wedding tutorial. I also used the "orgasm" blush from NARS, along with the Gilly Hicks bronzing 3 shade palette! For mascara i used the MAC "zoom black lash"...that mascara does wonders!....just sayin =] hope you all enjoy x


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

ZARA & H&M HAUL!! =]

So while i was in New York and LA..i wont lie i did get a bit carried away with the shopping..BUT only because everything is more than half price cheaper =] so all good! hahah...as shown in the video below the blazers from ZARA i definetly find good in the material sense and price. At a range of $40-$60 you do get what you paid for! Belts also can almost instantly change an entire outfit from regular to fab! clipping on a belt with a regular black dress, creates a more fashionable look (as seen in the video). Certain pieces of Jewellery, including big pieces of white and gold are in the season, and can once again transform your outfit from regular to glam! =]

Always remember try to stand out from the crowd..even if its with a simple necklace, a blazer or any accent piece..you can do it =] keep smiling! x


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How to get a job & dress for the Interview!!

hey hey eveyone..so i just got back from LA 2 days ago :/ it honestly is a bittersweet feeling..i must say! I was headed out for a few interviews so i decided to m ake this video!! =]

A few points to keep in mind while preparing for interviews..

1: Be confident-not conceited

2: Stay postive & smile =]

3: Do a backgroudn check and research on the buisness/company

4: Dress well!!! (VERY important) -you will get judged in the first few seconds, which is only natural, so you want to be representable

5: Be yourself!!

6: Relax & enjoy...if you dont get the job..no biggie..you just gained another experience under your belt!! =]



Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer in the States !

Most of you know that i've been out of Sydney for almost 2 months now! As much as i miss it, i've had..and am still having an amazing time with the family & friends that i have here in La, and Ny, im also lucky to be having 2 summers in a year !! haha !

Its important to be sun smart while in the heat, being fair skinned, its almost a routine for me to always insure that i have sunblock on, a hat and some shade. I do have to admit i also love getting my vitamin D, but all in proportion! Remember while having fun, you have to also stay healthy physically. I try my best to drink a liter of water a day...though i end up drinking 5 mugs of tea loll!!..but i try..i try =] stay healthy, insure you have plenty of fruits and veggies..if your one not to like them too much..make sure you drink them instead at least! I'm LOVING the all natural fruit and veggie drinks available in stores now! check out Harry's! Trader Joes! and there's soo many moree!! Also dont forget you can always cool down with PINKBERRY!! MY FAV !!! <3

Friday, July 15, 2011

Red Carpet Ready

Yesterday we celebrated one of my best friends 21st Birthday Party's here in LA! After having dinner at an amazing Mexican place in Hollywood, we decided to drive around to see if we could see any good places to dance away! We got lucky and were invited to a celebrities charity event hosted in a club! It was such a great night, we all had too much fun!

My dress was bought from SoHo in New York, and it was under $80.00!! The shoes i'm wearing are my favorite brand! Tony Bianco! They are the most comfortable shoes you will ever find..and on top of that..they're glam! they came up to $120.00, but I've been wearing them out soo much that its worth it! =]

My advice if you had to pick between a few cheap shoes or one pricey one..i'd defiantly go with the pricey one..as they do tend to last longer & give ultimate comfort!


Visiting the Statue of Liberty & Dancing to Justin Bieber in Times Square!!!

As much as i say it..i can never say it enough!! New York truly was something different..and i mean it. The last few days of our week trip, my mum and i went to visit some shows, we drove bikes around central park, went and saw a Broadway musical, visited Staten Islands and continued our shopping! ..all with a surprise at an end..which can be seen in my video posted below!! =] It truly was magical!! <3


Monday, June 27, 2011


Ok so most of you knew i traveled to New York last week, and stayed for a week..can i just say it was one of the most amazing times I've honestly ever had! So much energy, craziness, the atmosphere is beyondddddddddd normal..its mind blowing!! We pretty much visited all the touristy stuff, we saw the Empire state building! the statue of liberty on Staten Islands! We went to David Letterman..the Grand Central Station! We saw the Rockafeller Center which was amazing! We road our bikes in Central Park and saw the Adams Family in Broadway!!!!!! AHHHHHMAZZINNG!!! People that l ive there are soo lucky...i guess all they'd be over it by now though! LOL..but WOW..i'm still not...;]


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tips & Tricks to make any room look cute!! ^_^

Being someone who likes change and constantly redecorating her room, and redesigning it. I thought it would be a great idea to share with you guys little ideas I came up with to brighten/style and just make my room that little bit different..unique! These are inexpensive ways..and they wont even take that long to create...i promise.

You can buy the same shelf from Ikea for a inexpensive price!

Other ways one can decorate is with items you already have! I use to work at a jewellery store, that's why my room got a bit over crowded with the necklaces, rings and bracelets LOL..so i had to come up with a new ways to organize them..and i came up with this..!!


ZARA HAUL! Opening in Sydney!!

Zara opened over a month ago here now...and the line was insane!! To be honest even though i loved the layout of the store, and their clothing..i kind of still found it to be on the higher price range. While watching the news..i heard how they wanted to bring out ZARA to prove to the aussie designers they could be popular without being expensive..but i guess i was wrong since that wasn't the case
..i mean a lil splurge on fashion here & there doesn't bother anyone..right?!
Do you guys agree? To expensive..? or nope?!


I'm an Avatar!!!!!!!!!

HAHA so during the summer here..my best friend and i were invited to an "Outer space" themed 21st Bday Party! So while everyone's in spacesuits, glitter and silver!...It was our bright idea to go as AVATARS!!! we were so excited..but at the same time had nooooooooooo idea how to even start becoming Avatars..or were to begin!! So i started googling it..and came across "Dope2111" on YouTube...Promise did such a great job creating an Avatar..i had to copy here! LOL so below is a video of my Avatarizm! =] crazy huh?!?


Top Summer Products:

Since i wont be in Sydney for summer..and in NY and LA...i'll be having 2 summers in 1 year.. HA HA!! lucky ha?! So while it was summer here, back in December i filmed this crazy video on TOP Summer Products!! Items can be bout from the "Valleygirl" Store here in Australia, Chemists, Party Jewellery stores, including Diva/Equip..and the wedge shoes were bought online! What do you guys think?! What's your fav style for summer?


Forever 21 Haul!!

So I was visiting family in LA over a year ago now, and went crazyyyyyy when i walked into forever 21! The prices are so much more cheaper than in Australia..ahh it was soo disappointing when we had to leave =( So i wanted to share with you guys a video that i recorded over a year ago, although since some of the clothing bought were kind of summary..i thought it was necessary =]


Welcome to my Blog!!!!

Welcome to my BLOG!!! Ok so i'm excited to start blogging here, I don't know why i honestly didn't start doing this earlier..but now that i finished university for this semester and i'm off to NY, LA and VEGAS soo soon, i thought it would be a great time to start blogging ! For those of you that don't know me, i do create videos on YouTube on Beauty, health, design, and would love to share them with all of you =] I would also love to hear your feedback! so keep them coming in!!!!

ℒℴѵℯ Lilian x

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