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Monday, June 27, 2011


Ok so most of you knew i traveled to New York last week, and stayed for a week..can i just say it was one of the most amazing times I've honestly ever had! So much energy, craziness, the atmosphere is beyondddddddddd normal..its mind blowing!! We pretty much visited all the touristy stuff, we saw the Empire state building! the statue of liberty on Staten Islands! We went to David Letterman..the Grand Central Station! We saw the Rockafeller Center which was amazing! We road our bikes in Central Park and saw the Adams Family in Broadway!!!!!! AHHHHHMAZZINNG!!! People that l ive there are soo lucky...i guess all they'd be over it by now though! LOL..but WOW..i'm still not...;]


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tips & Tricks to make any room look cute!! ^_^

Being someone who likes change and constantly redecorating her room, and redesigning it. I thought it would be a great idea to share with you guys little ideas I came up with to brighten/style and just make my room that little bit different..unique! These are inexpensive ways..and they wont even take that long to create...i promise.

You can buy the same shelf from Ikea for a inexpensive price!

Other ways one can decorate is with items you already have! I use to work at a jewellery store, that's why my room got a bit over crowded with the necklaces, rings and bracelets LOL..so i had to come up with a new ways to organize them..and i came up with this..!!


ZARA HAUL! Opening in Sydney!!

Zara opened over a month ago here now...and the line was insane!! To be honest even though i loved the layout of the store, and their clothing..i kind of still found it to be on the higher price range. While watching the news..i heard how they wanted to bring out ZARA to prove to the aussie designers they could be popular without being expensive..but i guess i was wrong since that wasn't the case
..i mean a lil splurge on fashion here & there doesn't bother anyone..right?!
Do you guys agree? To expensive..? or nope?!


I'm an Avatar!!!!!!!!!

HAHA so during the summer here..my best friend and i were invited to an "Outer space" themed 21st Bday Party! So while everyone's in spacesuits, glitter and silver!...It was our bright idea to go as AVATARS!!! we were so excited..but at the same time had nooooooooooo idea how to even start becoming Avatars..or were to begin!! So i started googling it..and came across "Dope2111" on YouTube...Promise did such a great job creating an Avatar..i had to copy here! LOL so below is a video of my Avatarizm! =] crazy huh?!?


Top Summer Products:

Since i wont be in Sydney for summer..and in NY and LA...i'll be having 2 summers in 1 year.. HA HA!! lucky ha?! So while it was summer here, back in December i filmed this crazy video on TOP Summer Products!! Items can be bout from the "Valleygirl" Store here in Australia, Chemists, Party Jewellery stores, including Diva/Equip..and the wedge shoes were bought online! What do you guys think?! What's your fav style for summer?


Forever 21 Haul!!

So I was visiting family in LA over a year ago now, and went crazyyyyyy when i walked into forever 21! The prices are so much more cheaper than in Australia..ahh it was soo disappointing when we had to leave =( So i wanted to share with you guys a video that i recorded over a year ago, although since some of the clothing bought were kind of summary..i thought it was necessary =]


Welcome to my Blog!!!!

Welcome to my BLOG!!! Ok so i'm excited to start blogging here, I don't know why i honestly didn't start doing this earlier..but now that i finished university for this semester and i'm off to NY, LA and VEGAS soo soon, i thought it would be a great time to start blogging ! For those of you that don't know me, i do create videos on YouTube on Beauty, health, design, and would love to share them with all of you =] I would also love to hear your feedback! so keep them coming in!!!!

ℒℴѵℯ Lilian x

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