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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How to get a job & dress for the Interview!!

hey hey eveyone..so i just got back from LA 2 days ago :/ it honestly is a bittersweet feeling..i must say! I was headed out for a few interviews so i decided to m ake this video!! =]

A few points to keep in mind while preparing for interviews..

1: Be confident-not conceited

2: Stay postive & smile =]

3: Do a backgroudn check and research on the buisness/company

4: Dress well!!! (VERY important) -you will get judged in the first few seconds, which is only natural, so you want to be representable

5: Be yourself!!

6: Relax & enjoy...if you dont get the job..no biggie..you just gained another experience under your belt!! =]



Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer in the States !

Most of you know that i've been out of Sydney for almost 2 months now! As much as i miss it, i've had..and am still having an amazing time with the family & friends that i have here in La, and Ny, im also lucky to be having 2 summers in a year !! haha !

Its important to be sun smart while in the heat, being fair skinned, its almost a routine for me to always insure that i have sunblock on, a hat and some shade. I do have to admit i also love getting my vitamin D, but all in proportion! Remember while having fun, you have to also stay healthy physically. I try my best to drink a liter of water a day...though i end up drinking 5 mugs of tea loll!!..but i try..i try =] stay healthy, insure you have plenty of fruits and veggies..if your one not to like them too much..make sure you drink them instead at least! I'm LOVING the all natural fruit and veggie drinks available in stores now! check out Harry's! Trader Joes! and there's soo many moree!! Also dont forget you can always cool down with PINKBERRY!! MY FAV !!! <3

Friday, July 15, 2011

Red Carpet Ready

Yesterday we celebrated one of my best friends 21st Birthday Party's here in LA! After having dinner at an amazing Mexican place in Hollywood, we decided to drive around to see if we could see any good places to dance away! We got lucky and were invited to a celebrities charity event hosted in a club! It was such a great night, we all had too much fun!

My dress was bought from SoHo in New York, and it was under $80.00!! The shoes i'm wearing are my favorite brand! Tony Bianco! They are the most comfortable shoes you will ever find..and on top of that..they're glam! they came up to $120.00, but I've been wearing them out soo much that its worth it! =]

My advice if you had to pick between a few cheap shoes or one pricey one..i'd defiantly go with the pricey one..as they do tend to last longer & give ultimate comfort!


Visiting the Statue of Liberty & Dancing to Justin Bieber in Times Square!!!

As much as i say it..i can never say it enough!! New York truly was something different..and i mean it. The last few days of our week trip, my mum and i went to visit some shows, we drove bikes around central park, went and saw a Broadway musical, visited Staten Islands and continued our shopping! ..all with a surprise at an end..which can be seen in my video posted below!! =] It truly was magical!! <3

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