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Friday, July 15, 2011

Red Carpet Ready

Yesterday we celebrated one of my best friends 21st Birthday Party's here in LA! After having dinner at an amazing Mexican place in Hollywood, we decided to drive around to see if we could see any good places to dance away! We got lucky and were invited to a celebrities charity event hosted in a club! It was such a great night, we all had too much fun!

My dress was bought from SoHo in New York, and it was under $80.00!! The shoes i'm wearing are my favorite brand! Tony Bianco! They are the most comfortable shoes you will ever find..and on top of that..they're glam! they came up to $120.00, but I've been wearing them out soo much that its worth it! =]

My advice if you had to pick between a few cheap shoes or one pricey one..i'd defiantly go with the pricey they do tend to last longer & give ultimate comfort!

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