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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Outfit of the day: Leather tights & Blazers!!!!

So you all know by now my obsession with blazers!! they are perfect for a chic' look to basically any outfit!! A black well fitted blazer, along with a unique feature (similar to lady gaga style) shoulder padding's can also attract more attention & will definitely do the trick! I tend to like to wear my blazers with loose fitting tops/t-shirts..just for that extra comfort! Pairing your outfit with the right accessories, is as important as wearing the right shoes!
I tend to wear long necklaces rather than short ones during daytime, then whilst going out/dinner/coffee i like to spice things up and be more sophisticated with statement "bigger" pieces at night =]
And not forgetting the statement rings...just saying..the outfits wont be the same without them =]
The clothing I'm wearing in the video & pics can be found at Sportgirl, Abercombie & Fitch..or if you're overseas Forever 21 & Charlotte Russe have similar findings!
Jewellery from Diva..Link Below!

Wear Outfits that show who you are as a person & portray your inner self
...Till next time <3 Lilian x


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kim Kardashian's Wedding Makeup Tutorial

Using my Kat Von D makeup palette, I created a more subtle natural looking wedding tutorial. I also used the "orgasm" blush from NARS, along with the Gilly Hicks bronzing 3 shade palette! For mascara i used the MAC "zoom black lash"...that mascara does wonders!....just sayin =] hope you all enjoy x


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

ZARA & H&M HAUL!! =]

So while i was in New York and LA..i wont lie i did get a bit carried away with the shopping..BUT only because everything is more than half price cheaper =] so all good! shown in the video below the blazers from ZARA i definetly find good in the material sense and price. At a range of $40-$60 you do get what you paid for! Belts also can almost instantly change an entire outfit from regular to fab! clipping on a belt with a regular black dress, creates a more fashionable look (as seen in the video). Certain pieces of Jewellery, including big pieces of white and gold are in the season, and can once again transform your outfit from regular to glam! =]

Always remember try to stand out from the crowd..even if its with a simple necklace, a blazer or any accent can do it =] keep smiling! x

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