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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Outfit of the day: Leather tights & Blazers!!!!

So you all know by now my obsession with blazers!! they are perfect for a chic' look to basically any outfit!! A black well fitted blazer, along with a unique feature (similar to lady gaga style) shoulder padding's can also attract more attention & will definitely do the trick! I tend to like to wear my blazers with loose fitting tops/t-shirts..just for that extra comfort! Pairing your outfit with the right accessories, is as important as wearing the right shoes!
I tend to wear long necklaces rather than short ones during daytime, then whilst going out/dinner/coffee i like to spice things up and be more sophisticated with statement "bigger" pieces at night =]
And not forgetting the statement rings...just saying..the outfits wont be the same without them =]
The clothing I'm wearing in the video & pics can be found at Sportgirl, Abercombie & Fitch..or if you're overseas Forever 21 & Charlotte Russe have similar findings!
Jewellery from Diva..Link Below!

Wear Outfits that show who you are as a person & portray your inner self
...Till next time <3 Lilian x

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