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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sydney IMATS 2011!

On the 24th of Sep i decided.. (very last minute) to go to IMATS with my mum..being my first time i really didn't know what to expect, though i went knowing I'd probably have a good time! Honestly not only did i have a good time, i got very lucky, and met Rae Morris and Napolean Perdis. Rae Morris couldn't be more down to earth even if she tried! so humble, so sweet. She had an hour to present at the show..she inspired me to a whole new level, and i'm not even exaggerating at all!
So first of all i must add what i learnt from her hour presentation was, was that not everyone needs foundation..sometimes powder should be a must..but foundation..not so much. Secondly while taking pictures, always try to take them at eye level rather than an inch higher, or lower. This furthermore enhances certain features of the face. She gave a detailed talk about brushes and what they should be used for, her own line was released..although sadly sold out as well! LOL..after restocking it should be available soon once more.
Napoleon definetly gave me strength and inspiration as well. His hardships and hurdles to get to were he is now, has paid off! and he proved to us all you don't have to be an English speaking, highly educated individual coming from a wealthy background to be able to be successful in the industry!
The International Makeup Trade Show of 2011 in Sydney inspired me to a whole new level..& i hope this inspires you a bit at begin or continue doing what you love to do within life.

Life is Beautiful..never forget

x Lilian


Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Hey beautiful people! I just thought I'd share with you all a few of the pictures from the photo shoot i did back in February for a makeup company called "Mystique Beauty", along with a promotional shoot for a clothing one called "Sassy Boutique"! We all had such a blast modelling the pictures, the crew was so nice, the makeup artist was such a doll!! We had a blast & I thank them so much for having me !! x Hope you enjoy the pictures =]

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