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Thursday, October 27, 2011

How to become more beautiful.

Beauty isn't what you wear...what you drive...who you know..what you earn..where you go or what brand you own...

Beauty is not to judge.
Always remain Genuine.
To keep secrets.
Stay Loyal.
Give compliments.
Do deeds.
Give back to those in need.
its simple..be polite.
keep smiling.
Love those who surround you.
and respect everyone..regardless of age.race.sexuality.gender.ethnicity.

these will let you stand out and become loved. <3 Lilian


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Armenian Dance Concert & The importance of Heritage!

As most of you know I do have an Armenian cultural background; being born and raised in Australia though has distanced me from my cultural heritage. Although my mum wanting me to still be apart of the Armenian culture, she enrolled me in Armenian traditional dancing at the age of 3. I must say i didn't always agree on being part of it when i was little, although as time when on, i absolutely fell in love with it!!! I have now been apart of the Armenian Sydney Dance Company for the past 18 years now!! CRAZY HUH!!?! that makes me feel soo old!! haha...(I was also privileged enough to be able to do the makeup look for the night on the girls!! =] )
But its become such a solid part of me now..that without it i feel so weird...so empty!!
As we all know heritage plays such an important part of an individual! whether you're from Armenia, Australia, Africa or Asia...its important to keep as many aspects as you can from that culture! If not the dance, then the food, the language..and so on!
2 nights ago was our dance concert...and even though it was my 18Th year performing..and being on stage..that rush that one gets while dancing..and entertaining an audience is honestly indescribable!! and at the end 100% worth every bit..every dance practice...every minute <3
This is what makes us all unique <3
Love Lilian x

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Outfit Of The Day: What to wear on a Date!! -Red Blazer & Tight Jeans!

So as we all know, going on a date can be a terrifying thing! One of the most common mistakes would be stressing, wearing inappropriate clothing that would make you uncomfortable, or just being too nervous to speak...I'm sure we have all been there..and done that at one point! So no biggie!!
Remember to wear comfortable clothing, you want to look sleek, sexy and chic, although NOT trashy AT ALL! Try not to reveal too much, If you decide to wear a sleeveless top for example, try not to show too much leg...or If you wear shorts, or a skirt, try not to wear a revealing top..its simple! =] Try not to over- do the makeup..something natural..with a statement lip will do the trick!! As seen in the pictures...If your eyes are natural, go for a statement lip! If not...Go vise Versa !
Every time you think you're going to begin to be nervous, or scared..just pretend you're acting in a movie..I mean what is the worst that can happen.. right?!
Don't put too much pressure on your self..just take it as it comes..and If you like the guy..great! If not...who care's? Its another add on to one of your experiences =]
Don't EVER feel pressured to do anything you don't want to..as soon as you feel the slightest feeling of being uncomfortable or weird...just make an excuse to leave if it really is that bad!
If not a lover...you found another friend..nothing to worry about...just HAVE FUN!! <3

Lilian x


Monday, October 10, 2011

Beyoncé - "Countdown" Official Music Video Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Hey beautiful people!! I came across Beyonce's new video clip..and clearly thought it was ahhmaazzinnng!! Ummm pretty sure she was pregnant in the video..and she completely still rocked it!! WOW! So I decided to recreate the look my way! Below is the video ..with a few pictures.
What I used was a yellow shimemry eye shadow, along with a brown Matt one, followed with a brown shimmery one! I used my Bobby Brown eye liner Gel, and my NYX "Milk" Jumbo eyeliner..which I'm a big fan of! Not only does it go on so smoothly..its crazy!! It also is so long lasting!
This look is great for a Halloween party look..or just a night out with the girls!! =]
Hope you guys enjoy
Lilian x


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Outfit of the day: Maxi dresses & cute Jumpsuits!!

So we all have those days were you don't know what to wear..you're scared to do something out of the ordinary..well i was having one of those moments..then i realized pshht its so much better to stand out anyway!! So while attending a wedding, i decided to team up my gorgeous brown heels that were purchased from "Wilde Pair", with a long white maxi!! The maxi was def unique, as it was really a simple short white dress, with sheer white material covering it! As seen in the video, its a new trend that will be a hit in the summer or spring!

For the wedding celebration & event at night, I decided to be simple, yet chic! A blue jumpsuit with a hugging top part, and a loose flowery bottom! So simple, yet a pop of colour stood out!
A good thing to remember is, if you do decided to wear killa heels!! make sure you plan out your outfit so you look sexy, not skimpy! For weddings its also a good idea to wear extra primer, as you do tend to dance quite a bit! =]

Hope this helped
<3 Lilian x

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