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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Outfit Of The Day: What to wear on a Date!! -Red Blazer & Tight Jeans!

So as we all know, going on a date can be a terrifying thing! One of the most common mistakes would be stressing, wearing inappropriate clothing that would make you uncomfortable, or just being too nervous to speak...I'm sure we have all been there..and done that at one point! So no biggie!!
Remember to wear comfortable clothing, you want to look sleek, sexy and chic, although NOT trashy AT ALL! Try not to reveal too much, If you decide to wear a sleeveless top for example, try not to show too much leg...or If you wear shorts, or a skirt, try not to wear a revealing top..its simple! =] Try not to over- do the makeup..something natural..with a statement lip will do the trick!! As seen in the pictures...If your eyes are natural, go for a statement lip! If not...Go vise Versa !
Every time you think you're going to begin to be nervous, or scared..just pretend you're acting in a movie..I mean what is the worst that can happen.. right?!
Don't put too much pressure on your self..just take it as it comes..and If you like the guy..great! If not...who care's? Its another add on to one of your experiences =]
Don't EVER feel pressured to do anything you don't want to..as soon as you feel the slightest feeling of being uncomfortable or weird...just make an excuse to leave if it really is that bad!
If not a lover...you found another friend..nothing to worry about...just HAVE FUN!! <3

Lilian x

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