Friday, December 23, 2011

CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY!! Swarovski Crystal earrings + Outfit of the Day: Leather top & High waisted pants!!!

Hello my beautiful readers! It's currently 3.33am in Sydney and I'm flying out to Melbourne at 7 am!!! CRAZY I KNOW! I was planning on sleeping for a few hours..but apparently my sister had plans of her own -__- haha
Anyway I find it crazy that I'm reaching 3000 subbies soon and also what else i find crazy is CHRISTMAS IS HERE!! So i decided to do another GIVEAWAY! this time it involves Swarovski Crystal Earrings! =]
The rules are below!!

All you have to do is Firstly obviously be a subscriber of my channel
"Like" the my Giveaway video!
Follow me on twitter to know about the updates if you have one!!/mzbutterfliie
And lastly "Like" my Fb page please =]

Disclaimer: I bought the earrings with my own money.

Also i came across this amazing clothing website called Causewaymall!! When i tell you its crazy cheap...i mean it! It is a wholesale price clothing website..with such cute stuff!! Link is below and I've also included a few of the clothes in my "Outfit Of the Day'!! enjoy!

I adore you all
Lilian x

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