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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How I lost weight!

When I think about it, it seems like the longest time ago that I was a bit overweight, and had what some people called "baby fat" all around me -__-.

It wasn’t easy to hear my mum basically tell me I had to eat healthy and be aware of what i was putting inside my body. Like any other person would react..I was so shocked and felt ashamed that she even thought that way, I took it as an offence..Straight away.
It was long after that, that i realized she truly was doing (and saying in this case) what she thought was best for me and my future. So a few changes were made..immediately, and the results weren’t far behind those changes.

I cut out all cereal, rice, pasta and bread, i know sounds sooo cliché' right?!
It took less than a week for me to actually see the results, I was so shocked, yet so excited for more! Healthier eating! More Motivation..And it worked!!

So here’s my meal plan..keeping in mind everyone’s different and everyone’s body reacts in a different mode, here is what I did.

1: I swapped cereal for one cup of coffee in the morning (and one cup throughout the entire day only).

2: Instead of eating Junk food, take out and oily foods all the time, I began having large amounts of filling salad, with tuna..daily.. yum!

3: I began having a lot of protein, including nuts as snacks!

4: I cut out other snacks, excepts fruits, vegetables, nuts and (tea and water)

5: I stopped eating carbs after 3 pm

6: ..and I continued my dancing and walking/running

Not only did these steps help me lose weight, they allowed me to feel light and feel sexy!

Hope this helps… Love Lilian x


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What's in my Bag?! + Outfit of The Day -Kourtney kardashian Style!

As "stalkerish" as it sounds, I find it so interesting to know what others carry inside their bags. It has become such a recent fascination, that people now film their "What's in My Bag?!" video and upload them online. I decided to do mine a few years ago, and recently update it!

Also, I have recently become quite inspired by Kourtney Kardashian's style; unique, chic and feminine...absalutley adore it! This was my intake on her style, although in a "Lilian" kind of way, hope you like it! =]

Both Blouse and Leopard print skirt are from "General Pants" in Sydney.
Bag is by Guess and shoes from Novo.

Lilian x


Monday, January 9, 2012

Nothing is Impossible.

I've always been one of those people who try to look at the positive side of things in life, the reason behind an event, an argument, a fail. One might say its just a cliched thought, a saying and an attitude embedded in ones head; although its much more.
Every morning I wake up, its not a rush I get, nor a bubbly feeling inside. It's a reassurance, a safety net, knowing anything is possible, anywhere is reachable and the sky is touchable.

These words that form sentences, not only fly through my head once in a while, although remain engraved into my mind. After reaching certain goals, one becomes more driven; this drive hopefully is one that will remain as stronger as ever, till all goals are completed.

Having said this, know YOU reading this, can feel the same, can commit to your mind the will, the strive and drive to reach your desire as well.

Its not a cute saying, nor a random post..although the truth.
Whatever you put your mind to, work hard for and set, is reachable.

Love Lilian x

Monday, January 2, 2012

How to get longer & healthier Hair & Nails!

First of all...


I want to take this time to mention how much i really do appreciate your comments/likes and emails. I'm so grateful to have amazing viewers and readers like all of you! I hope everyone has had a beautiful New Years and an even better start to 2012!

So as most of you know, Ive never been one to have short hair before, although going through a blonde stage definitely damaged my hair and its usual thickness and shine!

So I decided to dedicate a whole video on basically my story and tips & tricks I often use to maintain my long hair and nails!

Firstly, I just want to say when one cuts or trims their hair, it does not actually grow your hair, although prevents your hair from furthermore breaking! So having said this, I have not previously had a great past experience with hairdressers, therefore i tend to cut my own hair once/twice a year...weird I know!

I also love home made hair masks! Therefore I mix avocado, eggs, olive oil and sometimes chick peas into a thin paste and apply it thoroughly into my hair. Using circular motions i rub the paste into my scalp. Depending on the damage done to my hair, sometimes i even sleep with the paste in my hair at night.

To revitalize both my hair and nails, I try my best to eat as many greens as i can. Eating kiwi, almonds and seaweed, not only help your hair ad nail growth, although maintain your hair's natural oils. Having said this, dipping your nails into olive oil & lemon, also allow them to become stronger and firmer.

Lastly, products that contain milk, almonds and fig in them also penetrate your hair growth. I personally use the "Dove" shampoo and conditioner at the moment, and find that it really has helped my hair to maintain a smooth coat!

Hope these trips and tricks have helped with hair & nail growing! comment below if you have any remedies or special secrets for hair & nails growth =]

Love Lilian x

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