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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How I lost weight!

When I think about it, it seems like the longest time ago that I was a bit overweight, and had what some people called "baby fat" all around me -__-.

It wasn’t easy to hear my mum basically tell me I had to eat healthy and be aware of what i was putting inside my body. Like any other person would react..I was so shocked and felt ashamed that she even thought that way, I took it as an offence..Straight away.
It was long after that, that i realized she truly was doing (and saying in this case) what she thought was best for me and my future. So a few changes were made..immediately, and the results weren’t far behind those changes.

I cut out all cereal, rice, pasta and bread, i know sounds sooo cliché' right?!
It took less than a week for me to actually see the results, I was so shocked, yet so excited for more! Healthier eating! More Motivation..And it worked!!

So here’s my meal plan..keeping in mind everyone’s different and everyone’s body reacts in a different mode, here is what I did.

1: I swapped cereal for one cup of coffee in the morning (and one cup throughout the entire day only).

2: Instead of eating Junk food, take out and oily foods all the time, I began having large amounts of filling salad, with tuna..daily.. yum!

3: I began having a lot of protein, including nuts as snacks!

4: I cut out other snacks, excepts fruits, vegetables, nuts and (tea and water)

5: I stopped eating carbs after 3 pm

6: ..and I continued my dancing and walking/running

Not only did these steps help me lose weight, they allowed me to feel light and feel sexy!

Hope this helps… Love Lilian x

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