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Monday, January 2, 2012

How to get longer & healthier Hair & Nails!

First of all...


I want to take this time to mention how much i really do appreciate your comments/likes and emails. I'm so grateful to have amazing viewers and readers like all of you! I hope everyone has had a beautiful New Years and an even better start to 2012!

So as most of you know, Ive never been one to have short hair before, although going through a blonde stage definitely damaged my hair and its usual thickness and shine!

So I decided to dedicate a whole video on basically my story and tips & tricks I often use to maintain my long hair and nails!

Firstly, I just want to say when one cuts or trims their hair, it does not actually grow your hair, although prevents your hair from furthermore breaking! So having said this, I have not previously had a great past experience with hairdressers, therefore i tend to cut my own hair once/twice a year...weird I know!

I also love home made hair masks! Therefore I mix avocado, eggs, olive oil and sometimes chick peas into a thin paste and apply it thoroughly into my hair. Using circular motions i rub the paste into my scalp. Depending on the damage done to my hair, sometimes i even sleep with the paste in my hair at night.

To revitalize both my hair and nails, I try my best to eat as many greens as i can. Eating kiwi, almonds and seaweed, not only help your hair ad nail growth, although maintain your hair's natural oils. Having said this, dipping your nails into olive oil & lemon, also allow them to become stronger and firmer.

Lastly, products that contain milk, almonds and fig in them also penetrate your hair growth. I personally use the "Dove" shampoo and conditioner at the moment, and find that it really has helped my hair to maintain a smooth coat!

Hope these trips and tricks have helped with hair & nail growing! comment below if you have any remedies or special secrets for hair & nails growth =]

Love Lilian x

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