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Thursday, March 22, 2012

A "Peep Toe" Kind of Evening

Last night the lovely Pam Trantalles from Fashion Future invited a few of us to an amazing “Peep Toe” VIP Sale Evening. I had never been to one before, so I was quiet excited. There were rows of amazing styles and colorful looking shoes that were just asking to be given a home!

Rows of sparkling Jewellery, accessories and handbags lit up the place. I could have sworn this one amazing pair of teal pump was calling out my name! Call me crazy, they were telepathically asking me to give them a home..so I did (being the nice person I am ;) haha

The event was filled with nice people, eager to find their right pair of shoes! I also met wonderful people that were just so lovely, including Montana from Peep Toe.

I want to thank Peep Toe for creating a beautiful environment last night, that looked like every girls dream closet =] and I want to Thank Pam for having us!

Let me know what your favorite brand of shoe is below..or if you’ve ever been to a special shoe sale!

Kisses to you all

Love Lilian x

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