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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Review: Lust Have it!

Happy Monday to all my Beauties!
So in these past few months, there have been a few organizations and teams that have come up with "Monthly Beauty Boxes". Some with great products, some with ones that aren’t bad, and some..You seem to question about. I must say what I did enjoy about "Lust Have It", was that everyone got the same products, and they tend to each month. This was my first Lust Box I received, so I didn't know what to really expect.
Unlike other Monthly Boxes, it didn’t come with an actual box, although the products were just packed surrounding tissue paper. I guess this was a great way to save money, and not waste boxes.

What I was most excited about was the Karpati Nail polish! Being a person that changes her nail polish color..Weekly..if not daily..This was great for me. As I’m always rushing..What better way to apply nail polish?! You simply place the polish in between your fingers so it doesn’t spill and apply the color!

This month’s "Lust Have It" also came with a Mirenesse, Pearl Crush eye shadow, in beautiful shades of blue, which also looked chic and eye catching!

Secondly, it came with a Davroe Moisture Senses Argan Oil, a lip balm and a replenishing Moisture cream from Kosmea..That just smelt sexy..No other word to describe it! =]

Overall I must say, they were products that seem to be useful and well thought about.

Let me know what you thought about your box!

Keep Smiling!
Love Lilian x

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