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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Review: March GlossyBox

I filled my cup with a teaspoon of honey and impatiently waited for the kettle to boil.

My hot English breakfast tea sitting on one side of the table, and my bowl of fruit on the other..What other perfect way can one blog?! ..I must say I’m liking this blogging business a whole lot more than I thought!

So just yesterday I received my March issue of my GlossyBox…I know I know..Where does the time even go?! The month of March was dedicated to feeling active, alive and fresh. It came with unique, yet useful products. I hadn’t yet even opened the box, and this amazing smell was lurking around it; it wasn’t soon after I realized it was the Proactive Cleansing Bar..crazy I know!

This month’s issue came with one of my favorite products, that I was actually introduced to while in New York. The “Eau Thermale Ave’ne” Lotion and gentle Milk Cleanser. I have nothing more to say about this product than the fact that it really is a gentle, soothing cleanser. GlossyBox sent out a mini version of it, although totally worth it if you’re looking to test it out!

Coming from an Armenian background, I was also excited to try out the “Pome’ Skin & Hair Wonder Serum”…Why you might say?! Because the products in Pome’ comes from a Pomegranate..Which is an Armenian fruit =] ..haha ..You learn something new everyday! ;]…I must say I was smelling my hair for a good 2 minutes after..I just couldn’t help myself.

GlossyBox is also offering a “Buy one get one Free” Box , for a limited time only in March! So if you refer 2 friends when signing up! BINGO!

Anyways I’m off to continue drinking my tea with honey..Hope you enjoyed my Blog post…and let me know what you think of this Month’s GlossyBox.

Kisses to you all

Love Lilian x

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