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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Review: Seal‐to‐Clear Gel from Clearasil

Have you ever wanted to replace the skin on your face, or a part of area..and simply have the powers to “seal off” any imperfections, pimples or bacteria? Well well well ..have I found a holy grail product for you!

A few weeks ago I was kindly given the new Clerasil Gel. I have been using it daily..more so everynight, for 26 nights now..and here's what i think...
Firstly, so what you do is that you simple put a small amount on the forming bacteria, or developing pimple. What it does is something I had never really been exposed to; it basically creates a Gel like formala to cover that particular area. This not only stops you from touching and squeezing your pimple (ow gosh..did it control me or what?!) although the Gel formula becomes a “pimple‐fighting” product that provides an invisible seal to help protect the pimple from outside bacteria as it clears..UMM I’M ALL FOR THAT..Especially for someone like me, it so hard for me to prevent myself from touching my pimples! -_o

-The Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Seal‐to‐Clear Gel is dermatologically tested and comes in a compact 12mL tube for convenient use when on the go.
- it’s priced only at RRP $14.99

For something so important and so useful…
I know ..I was shocked myself.

Adore you all..I’m uploading a video as we speak! =] Shhhhh ist a surprise! ;]

Love Lilian x
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