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Saturday, April 28, 2012

How to get Longer & Fuller Lashes: Love Alpha Fibre Mascara & Transplanting Gel-brush!

Happy Sunday my Loves!! 

I tend to get asked many questions on beauty and fashion, one of my most asked questions..I would have to say, would be “How to get Longer & Fuller Lashes”!
It’s nothing new for some to use false eyelashes or ways that tend to move away from the more “Natural Look”. Although after researching on the topic a bit and speaking to my mum, I found a few ways to give your eyelashes a fuller look, without the excess time!

Firstly, using Almond Oil is a must…!
How you might ask..?!

Well, rubbing Almond Oil onto your finger tips and gently rubbing them onto the roots of your eyelashes, allow them to strengthen and grow. I recommend trying this step before sleeping, this way your eyelash roots can have time to absorb the liquid. 

While researching on other forms and techniques, I came across the “Fiber” technique.
So what it basically is is a transplanting Gel, which is used as normal Mascara, with layers of Fiber quotes! It sounds a bit scary.. I must admit, although as shown in the video below, the steps are simple and the results are amazing!! 

I used the “Love Alpha Fiber Mascara & Transplanting Gel-brush” from  
And judging from the results, I fell in love with the products and not to forget to mention...the packaging!!

Read the Full Article on the amazing UK website- "Drop Of Pink" :)
> http://www.dropofpink.com/2012/05/07/video-how-to-get-longer-eyelashes/

A+ for sure =) 

Adore you all!
Love Lilian x  


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Meeting Zayn Malik & Harry Styles + I'm in Girlfriend Magazine!!

Good morning Beauties!

I would like to start off by saying, how much I appreciate your love, support, “Likes”, comments and anything else you may do for my YouTube channel and Blog daily. I keep mentioning this, but I feel like it’s never enough; I appreciate all my viewers and supporters so much..It’s crazy! 

If it weren’t for you all watching my channel and reading my Blog, I wouldn’t have been featured in Girlfriend Magazine AGAIN!! So THANK YOU THANK YOU =) I adore you all!
Secondly, due to the amount of questions we got asked on Twitter and my YouTube page, we decided to film a video on how (My sister and I) met Zayn Malik and Harry Styles- from One Direction, while they were in Sydney ! 

It was such a random, yet exciting few hours when I got to spend time with them, I defiantly felt grateful…The video will be linked below.

Just to end this Blog post, I hope you all realize how Beautiful you are, and whatever you put your mind to, you can achieve; a saying or quote shouldn’t trigger this emotion, you should all know that this is possible 24/7…Life is Beautiful..Live it.

Keep Smiling
Love Lilian x 


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pick of the Week: Kiehl's Spot Corrector

We're all women and we have our days, on some of them we look Fab..And others..Not so much..Its only normal.
Growing up, I have always had trouble sleeping..if I can go as back as before my birth, I can guarantee you from my mother’s womb, I didn’t ever exactly had a "good night’s sleep"..Very sad...I know.

So I’ve always had the trouble of covering up my dark under eye circles with concealer; I never thought of actually "curing" the problem though.
A few years ago my mum actually introduced me to the brand "Kiehl's", as she tried their moisturizing cream. I was recently sent their "Corrective Dark Spot Solution".
Before I even got a chance to use it myself my sister had stole it from my room, and had been using it..I’m not even joking; it took me a while to steal it back.

First of all it comes in a serum, I must say, this makes it easier to use the right portion (being one that takes more of everything than is needed, this controls my habits) haha

I tried it out for a few days, thinking it would be an oily texture; although once it dries, it gives your skin a sense of a brand new/fresh layer to work on. It clarifies your skin tone and corrects dark spots..And let me assure you..If my 17 year old sister steals the products away from me..It’s good enough.

Now back to drinking tea..Adore you all.

Love Lilian x

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Call Me Maybe"?! + Outfit Of the Day: Ripped Jeans

The wildlife in Sydney.. At its perfection…

Last week to celebrate my cousins Birthday, we spent the whole day at a National Park in Sydney. There’s something so calming and mediating, about pure greenness, wild animals and exotic birds..Simply Breathtaking.

My sister and I had way too much fun filming the introduction for the “Outfit of the Day” video, seen below! We also both showcased what we wore.

Since you all may know by now, my obsession with blazers..Clearly..What else would I wear..haha

I teamed it up with a beautiful purple coloured top from Forecast and Comfortable/Chic boots from http://www.hypedc.com/shubar

My necklace I wore was from http://www.mynamenecklace.com.au/?smt=354088

And GUESS WHAT??! If you mention my name..”LILIAN” you’ll get an 8% discount on the necklace I wore! =) HAPPY DAYS

My sister Wore jeans from Jay Jays..And her turquoise colored top, from Tempt. Her Shoes are from Target..So comfortable..According to her!

Adore you all!

Keep Smiling

Love Lilian x


Friday, April 13, 2012

DIY Nail Polish Rack!

Hello Beautiful People!!

I feel like I've truly missed you all :) How have you all been?

this week has been so crazy for me..For those of you that follow me on Twitter and Facebook will probably know I met Zayn and Harry from One Direction! It was so unexpected and random, although Zayn invited me to the VIP area of a club with him, and we spoke and all danced. That just proves to show whatever you least expect in life..Will happen.

A lot of you have been asking me to tell the whole story of how it all happened on a video on my YouTube channel, although I don’t know if I will, just due to privacy reasons, but I mean I can go through the night and say the highlights! :) Let me know what you think?

Anyway, not long ago I was inspired to create my own DIY nail polish rack for my room. Considering the amount of nail polishes I had and I had never even used half of them, due to the fact I couldn’t even see what I had...I decided to lay them all out and create a wall nail polish rack.

As you may know, they tend to be priced around from $100 and up..And that's insane for a rack, so i went down to a local store to see how I could make one myself. I found these 2 wooden bath mats... (LOL random I know). I got home and took them apart. After pulling out the nails with pliers, I sanded the whole things down and rearranged them into shelves, with boarders.

I then painted the whole thing a rusty white; this gave it a more vintage look to it.

Below are some pics of the steps and the final result..Not bad huh?! :)

Remember to always Keep Smiling.

Love Lilian x


Friday, April 6, 2012

Lauren Conrad Makeup Look -Face of Australia & One Direction Love!

Hii to all my Beauties!
I just want to start off by saying, I hope everyone’s having a Beautiful Easter =]
If you have been a long time viewer of my YouTube Beauty Channel, you’d know how much I adore the brand “Face Of Australia”, especially their Primers and Liquid liners!
The staff at Sweaty Betty kindly sent me a package of their amazing FOA products..Clearly I was over excited to try out the products...Some I had been a long time user of...Yet the others I was eager to test out! People tend to love products on either packaging, or quality..Or even both...I must say Face of Australia definitely has both!
I began using their brand I’d say around 4 years ago now..And haven’t stopped using it. Their eyeliner is the only one I can use quickly..Knowing that it won’t move out of its place..Ever.
I decided to conduct a Lauren Conrad, simple, yet sexy Makeup look using the brand. Let me know what you think below =]
Ow ..I almost forgot..One Direction “Infection”..Must have hit me..Hard.
Watch the video Below. X
Adore you all…Enjoy every second..Eat all the food you can..And Keep Smiling.
Love Lilian x


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

FRAGRANCES | Live in love with Oscar de la Renta

An iconic Guru himself, Oscar de la Renta launched a fragrance called Live in Love, "a perfume created for women, by a man who loves women". Just the tagline seems sensual.
I must say the beautiful fragrance, as soon as opened, smelt like orchids, with a hint of jasmine.

I feel like it’s a “Grown-up..Mature..Sexy” smell, every woman should have.

I wore it to work the other day..and usually perfumes tend to rub of easily on my skin, but not this one.

The bottle is a transparent glass with a gold decorated lining on the top, feminine and elegant and very attractive.


Sunday, April 1, 2012

How to Style Blazers-Colorful Chic/Sexy Outfits

On the weekend it was so beautiful here in Sydney, that I decided to film a different way then I normally do. My mum and I went under the Harbour Bridge to see how the weather was like..And let me just say it was incredible..Couldn’t have been prettier!
I styled 3 different outfits with blazers, colorful looking, sexy, yet chic. I love how one doesn’t have to necessarily bare all to look stylish or sexy; you can look cute without being too over the top, and keep your grace.
In the video, my first outfit I wore shoes by gojane.com I teamed that up with a pink blazer from Bardot and high waisted black shorts from a boutique in Sydney.The Cool Black looking glasses are from coolgeekaustralia.com
Second outfit the white blazer, I adored when I first saw it in New York! It’s from Zara; the color is just so elegant looking! I teamed the blazer with a mini short black dress, a vintage belt and heels from Peep Toe! The jewelery is all from Vanity Box, which I absolutely adore!
Lastly, this outfit was more dressy and more for night! I wore gold sequence high waisted shorts from Goodnight Macaroon www.shopgoodnightmacaroon.com and a black blazer from Forecast. I love trying to hide the outfit with an oversized blazer, to m e that just looks stylish, yet sexy!
Let me know what your favorite outfit was?!
By the way..Have I mentioned my love for One Direction yet…?! ;]
Keep Smiling.
Love Lilian x

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