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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Call Me Maybe"?! + Outfit Of the Day: Ripped Jeans

The wildlife in Sydney.. At its perfection…

Last week to celebrate my cousins Birthday, we spent the whole day at a National Park in Sydney. There’s something so calming and mediating, about pure greenness, wild animals and exotic birds..Simply Breathtaking.

My sister and I had way too much fun filming the introduction for the “Outfit of the Day” video, seen below! We also both showcased what we wore.

Since you all may know by now, my obsession with blazers..Clearly..What else would I wear..haha

I teamed it up with a beautiful purple coloured top from Forecast and Comfortable/Chic boots from http://www.hypedc.com/shubar

My necklace I wore was from http://www.mynamenecklace.com.au/?smt=354088

And GUESS WHAT??! If you mention my name..”LILIAN” you’ll get an 8% discount on the necklace I wore! =) HAPPY DAYS

My sister Wore jeans from Jay Jays..And her turquoise colored top, from Tempt. Her Shoes are from Target..So comfortable..According to her!

Adore you all!

Keep Smiling

Love Lilian x

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