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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How To Get The Perfect Eyebrows!

Hey beautiful people of the world!

As I sit down in front of the heater, I must say, it may be one of the coldest nights in Sydney this year, its feeerrreeezing.

I have my coffee between my arms (yes as I type...Multitasking all the way ;) I have my Abercrombie & Fitch jumper on..And I’m ready, to blog my little heart out. Haha

I always get asked so many questions daily, whether it’s on my Twitter, My YouTubechannel, or Facebook Page; one of the most common questions is, How I do my Eyebrows.

Eyebrows are one of the first things one may notice while speaking to you. It frames your face. Have you ever realized when your eyebrows are done, or even cleaned up, how dramatically it changes you? Depending on your facial features, you can alter the way your eyebrows look.

To make your nose appear smaller and longer, you should take a pencil or ruler and place it right on the bridge of your nose. The space between each eyebrow should approximately end there. If you pluck your eyebrows any further away from the pencil, this will make your nose look larger. 

So, always keep this rule to mind =] 

As mentioned in my video on “How To Get the Perfect Eyebrows”, I use to never use any powder, or pencil to shade in my eyebrows. Although after being blonde, I must say, it was the best way to go! I’m a big fan of the “Anastasia” Brow Pencil. I bought mine from Sephora in New York. I also recently found the “SAX –Perfect Brow Shaping Kit” that I fell in love with, Link Here!

The SAX Kit, comes with a selection of colours you can choose from depending on your eyebrow colour and shape. It also comes with tweezers-how handy & cute!

Let me know if you shade in your eyebrows and what you use below, I always find it so interesting to see how others do theirs! 

Adore you all-Keep Smiling

Love Lilian x


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nomiki Glynatsis Couture Launches New Spring Summer collection at The Victoria Room

Good morning My Loves,
 A few weeks ago, I was invited to work backstage and attend shows for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. I was so excited as it was going to be my first time attending the amazing, iconic event.  One of the viewings I attended was the “Nomiki Glynatsis Couture” revealing of her new collection.
The “Essence of an Enchantress” was held at the Victoria Room on Tuesday evening during Merecedes Benz Fashion Week Australia. It was a spectacular event. Charming her guests with ambience, models adorned in gowns and jewellery. Sipping on champagne and eating the canapés whilst relaxing in the old world luxurious arm chairs, it was an evening to remember for the guests; you all could imagine how mind blown I was.
The new range proves to be the epitome of refined magnetism and detailed intricacy in an ever-growing minimalist fashion world. The collection is designed for the woman charmed with beauty, draped in jewels, whose essence lingers into the hearts and minds of all who witness. Nomiki Glynatsis Couture establishes the union between archetypical time pieces and modern charisma. So detailed, bold, yet unique. Nomiki Glynatsis has to be so proud of what she’s created, so much more than a collection, yet it’s a Story to be told.

I want to thank Pam from Fashion Future, for inviting me to the event and Nomiki Glynatsis for having me.
Stay tuned for more of posts on Mercedes Benz FashionWeek.

 Adore you all 
Love Lilian x

Monday, May 21, 2012

Review: May Lust Haves!!

Hello my Loves!

Just sipping on my Tea, as I do when I blog and listening to old school R & B! What more can I ask for?!
Hope you’re all well  =]

I received this month’s “Lust Have it” a few weeks ago, but I wanted to try out the products before I reviewed them.  First of all I want to start off by just saying...DAMN the entire package smelt AHH-MAA-ZING! (Just saying) The smell of coconut oil and vanilla from the LUSH piece in the makeup bag, took over my entire house. Whoever has been walking in my house for the past few weeks, always asks what is that beautiful smell and where is it coming from!? So Beautiful. 

My Top Lust Haves for May (besides the LUST Soap) was the OPI By Nicole nail polish, The Eco Therapist Calming Shampoo & Conditioner and the Model Co lip-gloss. Have you tried any of these before? 

By the way how cute are they, that they included a Mother’s Day Blank gift card as well!! Hehe

Adore you all

Keep Smiling
Love Lilian x

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cher Lloyd - Want U Back Makeup Tutorial & I'm in Girlfriend's One Direction Magazine!

Hello my Loves!!

I have been so busy recently, that this morning as I woke up, I legitimately tweeted my happiness about the fact that it was Friday , chanting “TGIF”..It didn’t take too long for my lovely Followers on Twitter to remind was only Thursday.. LOL so it came to my understanding that I was either still half asleep, or was just wishful thinking:] ..or Both?!

I have a few exciting things to share with you all!

Firstly, have I mentioned how much I adore Cher Lloyd as an artist and wonderful person to look up to when it comes to Style...well just in case I haven’t, let me take this opportunity to do so ;) 

Every once in a while, when an artist is introduced, their style is unique, chic and sexy at the same time, and I think Cher covers that so well! I decided to do a Makeup tutorial on her recent music video “Want U Back”. I just adored the purple eye shadow in the clip; the great thing is you can purchase most the makeup products I used in the video clip at
Mention Coupon Code "BUTTERFLII" to get a 5% DISCOUNT on all products at
Lastly, I would like to also thank Girlfriend Magazine for featuring me once again in their ONE DIRECTION Magazine!! I had no idea my story was featured in it, until one of my Lovely Twitter Follows told me !

I’m so grateful for the amazing opportunity

I adore you all

Keep Smiling
Love Lilian x 


Monday, May 14, 2012

My Mum’s Makeover!!!

Presents to one side and the love we give to our mothers on the other…I decided to do a makeover on my mummy!

From a young age, I have always admired her fashions sense, the way she carried herself and the way she was presented. Although these days, sometimes due to timing issues, we all tend to rush out the door and forget about the little things that can brighten up our day, the way we look and feel.

Recently I have been in LOVE with a Korean Fashion website called  they sell everything from clothing & cosmetics, and many things in-between =]

I got some clothing pieces, jewellery and cosmetics for myself, although once I wore them, my mum couldn’t stop asking me what products I used, or where I got the things I was wearing from..Literally! So I felt bad and decided to make HER over!! 

I dressed my mum in this beautiful chic’ white lace top..Perfect for the winter cold, as it has thick material. She  teamed that up with black leggings and boots. I decided to give her pieces of jewellery to wear, which will give her outfit a bit of sparkle on top.

The ring she is wearing is from and the bracelet is from Vanity Box.
My favorite part of the makeover was her makeup! My mum is so busy running around all day, that she doesn’t have time to do her makeup the way I I decided to show her..How mine is done all day ;) 

I used the beautiful eye shadow from Vanity Box once again in number 125, called “Sweet Diamond”. Before I applied this I used their “Soft Primer”..Which worked better than I had ever expected. I'm also wearing the eye shado shade in numbe 125 above!

By the way, this can all be achieved on yourself or using a makeover on someone..on a budget ;)  is having a midyear SALE…so check them out! 

I love how she can use this look and outfit for a daytime look, or a night can be dressed up or down and that I adore.

Don’t forget to keep Smiling
Love Lilian x

Sunday, May 13, 2012

21 Reasons I loved being 21.

It’s currently 11:08pm May the 13th, as I type this..In about 40 minutes, I will be turning 22. No , I never thought I’d be sitting down blogging right before my birthday, but earlier this morning I wrote this in my diary and I thought I’d share the 21 reasons I loved being 21 =] 

1: I got to grow, not only as a person, although I got to explore different ideas, theories and thoughts

2: For my 21st I saved my own money and travelled to New York, LA and Vegas with my mummy and best friend

3: I lost a few friends, although I gained a few more

4: I was taught to appreciate the smaller things in life, to enjoy the seconds in between

5: In a few weeks time, I will be graduating from University, in my BA in Media

6: To follow up on Number 5...I fell in love with University…<-- Blew my mind away too 

7:  Each day I grow closer to those I love, to those who surround me.

8: I have become wiser in the sense, that I know working hard...Will get you places

9: I have engraved in my soul, to keep on Smiling, no matter what life throws at you...You can do

10: I was sent to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, front row...To Blog, write and Review

11: YouTube allowed me to learn and appreciate the places all over the world and to meet amazing people; I would never have met if it wasn’t for my channel 

12:  Being 21 has allowed me to grow up, although still have the feelings of an inner child at times

13: I loved the fact that I grew closer to my sister

14: It still seems crazy…that I not only met Zayn and Harry, but I spent a few hours with them dancing and speaking 

15: I love the fact that I want to continue on with studying and get my Masters

16: I have learnt to love the changes made in life, some deliberately and some surprisingly 

17: I have continued to pray...Daily

18: My faith and trust in God has remained strong...If not, stronger

19: I have learnt that life is given to us, as a blank canvas...It is what you make of it..And that NOTHING is impossible.

20: I have become stronger and wiser

21: I will continue to stay positive, focused..To Smile and to Love. 

Adore you all from the bottom of my heart

Keep Smiling
Love Lilian x


Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

It’s one of those Sundays, I’ve grown up loving and its 3 days away.

As a child, each year on Mother’s Day, my younger sister and I would make my mum breakfast in bed and wrap up toys that we had (pretending we bought them) or old stuff in the house, pretending they were new! Haha …and just quietly my mum always went along with it ;) trooper she is! 

Now that I’m 21, as much as it would be a cute idea...I actually ended up getting her real gifts with my sister this time =] A few of them she had hinted and the rest she just needed.
Although one thing I came across as one of the cutest gift ideas, was the “Jane Irendale’s” Gift  Pack. So cutely packaged and thought of.

It came with eyeliner, a thickening and lengthening Mascara, Gold Dust and a lip plumper….cute, compact and brilliant!

What are your plans for Mother’s Day…buying gifts or wrapping up old ones..Like I use to do?! Haha 


Keep Smiling

Love Lilian x

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Review: April Lust Haves!!

A person that finds...Shares...right?! 

As much as I’d like to think I invented the whole idea of apples & peanut butter, I didn’t… Although Let’s just pretend I did for the duration of this post ;) So it’s basically what I’m obsessing over now as a snack!  Just thought I’d share that, it’s so filling, so healthy and absolutely delish!

The plate of snacks on my right, my tea in front of me, I’m 100% ready to gush about the April pack of Lust Haves! 

It comes with items that are not only necessary, although useful and interesting. My favorite would have to be the De Lorenzo Elements Ocean Mist Sea Salt SprayI kind of died when I tried it.

Having hair that’s quite frizzy, it takes me so much time to tame it, although with the spray, I use less damage to my hair and less time, which is brilliant

Another item I was happy to receive, were the Organic products. They are a great way to treat your skin and their line use fruits and products to revitalize and renew skin. The EmerginC line of products are a great way to leave your skin pure and fresh, which can also be found in the April Pack of Lust Haves.

I must say, I love the fact that “Lust Have it” allows everyone to gain subscription to the one batch of products; that way we can all gush about the same pack ;) 

Have you ordered “Lust Have It” before?..Thought?! =]

Adore you all

Love Lilian x

Monday, May 7, 2012

A Quality Foundation: Glo.minerals Powder Foundation & Revive Hydration Mist

Good morning my Loves!

It’s currently bright & early in Australia..And believe or not, this is one of my favourite moments in the day.  You’re fresh, there’s energy and you get to start another beautiful day...Bliss! 

If you have been watching my videos for the past...You’d know while doing Makeup tutorials on my Beauty Channel, I never tend to include the powder after the foundation. Sometimes I’ll get people commenting and asking if I had forgotten to film that section, or just curious as to why it’s not there. 

Well the truth is, for the longest time...Actually since I started using makeup, I never found the correct powder foundation for my skin. I know a lot of people would say …there is so many in the if there wasn’t ONE for your skin! Although to be honest...From my experience...No there was not unfortunately..Until now. 

I was given the “Glo.minerals” Powder Foundation and Revive Hydration Mist, I was hoping it wouldn’t be bad to use a few times, just to try out. I was NEVER expecting to wear it DAILY, and not to forget to mention all the way through attending Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia. 

Coming with its own Ultra Brush…I’m not one to exaggerate on performance, but this foundation glides onto your skin and stays!  I wasn’t sure if the powder would last on my skin after running around 18 hour work days, but I got compliments on it...Left..Right and centre. 

The cool thing was the “Revive Hydration Mist” it came with, was like the cherry on the top, just spraying it on your skin, ensures that the powder lasted longer and your skin didn’t feel like it was suffocating under an entire layer.

Ultimately the foundation has been so well to me, I must say, I had to let my mum try it as well…
Her thoughts..A + +     ;) 

Let me know if you’ve tried the wonderful brand, or this particular foundation!

Adore you all

 Love Lilian x

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