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Sunday, May 13, 2012

21 Reasons I loved being 21.

It’s currently 11:08pm May the 13th, as I type this..In about 40 minutes, I will be turning 22. No , I never thought I’d be sitting down blogging right before my birthday, but earlier this morning I wrote this in my diary and I thought I’d share the 21 reasons I loved being 21 =] 

1: I got to grow, not only as a person, although I got to explore different ideas, theories and thoughts

2: For my 21st I saved my own money and travelled to New York, LA and Vegas with my mummy and best friend

3: I lost a few friends, although I gained a few more

4: I was taught to appreciate the smaller things in life, to enjoy the seconds in between

5: In a few weeks time, I will be graduating from University, in my BA in Media

6: To follow up on Number 5...I fell in love with University…<-- Blew my mind away too 

7:  Each day I grow closer to those I love, to those who surround me.

8: I have become wiser in the sense, that I know working hard...Will get you places

9: I have engraved in my soul, to keep on Smiling, no matter what life throws at you...You can do

10: I was sent to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, front row...To Blog, write and Review

11: YouTube allowed me to learn and appreciate the places all over the world and to meet amazing people; I would never have met if it wasn’t for my channel 

12:  Being 21 has allowed me to grow up, although still have the feelings of an inner child at times

13: I loved the fact that I grew closer to my sister

14: It still seems crazy…that I not only met Zayn and Harry, but I spent a few hours with them dancing and speaking 

15: I love the fact that I want to continue on with studying and get my Masters

16: I have learnt to love the changes made in life, some deliberately and some surprisingly 

17: I have continued to pray...Daily

18: My faith and trust in God has remained strong...If not, stronger

19: I have learnt that life is given to us, as a blank canvas...It is what you make of it..And that NOTHING is impossible.

20: I have become stronger and wiser

21: I will continue to stay positive, focused..To Smile and to Love. 

Adore you all from the bottom of my heart

Keep Smiling
Love Lilian x

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