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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Review: April Lust Haves!!

A person that finds...Shares...right?! 

As much as I’d like to think I invented the whole idea of apples & peanut butter, I didn’t… Although Let’s just pretend I did for the duration of this post ;) So it’s basically what I’m obsessing over now as a snack!  Just thought I’d share that, it’s so filling, so healthy and absolutely delish!

The plate of snacks on my right, my tea in front of me, I’m 100% ready to gush about the April pack of Lust Haves! 

It comes with items that are not only necessary, although useful and interesting. My favorite would have to be the De Lorenzo Elements Ocean Mist Sea Salt SprayI kind of died when I tried it.

Having hair that’s quite frizzy, it takes me so much time to tame it, although with the spray, I use less damage to my hair and less time, which is brilliant

Another item I was happy to receive, were the Organic products. They are a great way to treat your skin and their line use fruits and products to revitalize and renew skin. The EmerginC line of products are a great way to leave your skin pure and fresh, which can also be found in the April Pack of Lust Haves.

I must say, I love the fact that “Lust Have it” allows everyone to gain subscription to the one batch of products; that way we can all gush about the same pack ;) 

Have you ordered “Lust Have It” before?..Thought?! =]

Adore you all

Love Lilian x
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