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Monday, May 7, 2012

A Quality Foundation: Glo.minerals Powder Foundation & Revive Hydration Mist

Good morning my Loves!

It’s currently bright & early in Australia..And believe or not, this is one of my favourite moments in the day.  You’re fresh, there’s energy and you get to start another beautiful day...Bliss! 

If you have been watching my videos for the past...You’d know while doing Makeup tutorials on my Beauty Channel, I never tend to include the powder after the foundation. Sometimes I’ll get people commenting and asking if I had forgotten to film that section, or just curious as to why it’s not there. 

Well the truth is, for the longest time...Actually since I started using makeup, I never found the correct powder foundation for my skin. I know a lot of people would say …there is so many in the market...as if there wasn’t ONE for your skin! Although to be honest...From my experience...No there was not unfortunately..Until now. 

I was given the “Glo.minerals” Powder Foundation and Revive Hydration Mist, I was hoping it wouldn’t be bad to use a few times, just to try out. I was NEVER expecting to wear it DAILY, and not to forget to mention all the way through attending Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia. 

Coming with its own Ultra Brush…I’m not one to exaggerate on performance, but this foundation glides onto your skin and stays!  I wasn’t sure if the powder would last on my skin after running around 18 hour work days, but I got compliments on it...Left..Right and centre. 

The cool thing was the “Revive Hydration Mist” it came with, was like the cherry on the top, just spraying it on your skin, ensures that the powder lasted longer and your skin didn’t feel like it was suffocating under an entire layer.

Ultimately the foundation has been so well to me, I must say, I had to let my mum try it as well…
Her thoughts..A + +     ;) 

Let me know if you’ve tried the wonderful brand, or this particular foundation!

Adore you all

 Love Lilian x

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