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Thursday, June 21, 2012

How to: Curl Your Hair With A Straightener

Happy Friday Afternoon Beauties!!

I just want to start off by saying..I am quiet cold. I have on a Abercrombie jumper, I’m in front of the heater..and still freezing..normal?! Nope. 

So since I first began doing videos on my YouTube channel, one of the first questions I received continuously, was how I curl my hair to get that bouncy, volumized look.

Well, as you may all know, products tend to be quiet expensive in Australia, so when I came across “Flat Iron” I jumped on the opportunity to get a Hair straighter! 
It’s from overseas so the power outlet is different, although with the straightener + the convertible outlet cord, it turned out to be cheaper than an amazing Australian hair straightner would cost.

The red, leopard print gives it a more sexier look..I must say ;) haha and because the tool heats up so fast, the look is so quick to achieve!

By simple brushing my hair with a bristle brush, using heat protectant (also from “FlatIron Experts), this look was achieved. It’s a great look to get for a day out for coffee, an interview or a night out!

Let me know if you’ve ever created this look and if you have, Post a picture on my Facebook Page..Would love to see =]

Adore you all 
Keep Smiling-Love Lilian x
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