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Monday, August 27, 2012

How to Top Knot + Romwe Clothing Sale!!

 Happy Monday! 

This may be one of my most frequently asked request! How I do my Top Knot Hair do!
It’s as simple as one, two, three! 

As shown in the video, the same look can be achieved with no tools at all, a sock, or “magic sponge”.  Watch the video to see how the entire look can be achieved  : ) 

Also one of my favorite online stores Romwe Clothing is currently having a huge summer sale Clearance!! Wooo ;) hehe

The Sale starts from 24th to 31st August, so there still is a few days left!
The discounts go from 5% to 60% and moreover, there will be an extra 15% discount if your final payment reaches $70, the code is: clearance15%, so the most discount can reach 75%!!!

 Happy Shopping!

Adore you all-until next time

Keep Smiling x

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Lash Effect!

Happy Sunday Beauties!

Lashes may be underrated, whether it’s using 2 or 4 individual lashes on the outer corner of your eyes, or a full set, they simply allow your eyes to have that “pop” and “flutter” effect.

I used to only be able to wear false lashes while performing for my dance concerts, and let me just add how excited I was to be using them for the first time. Its really important to be able to find the ones that suit your face, especially your eyes.

One of my favorite lashes have been the Ardell Lashes, as they are so natural looking and completely blend in with my lashes. Going to daytime events, such as fashion festivals, christenings or even baby showers, you may want to look glammed up, although not to the extent of a weaning a full set of fake lashes. This is where the 1000 hour individual lashes may come in. These are so simple to adjust to the outer corners of your eyes, giving them the Minnie mouse flutter effect ;) And the reason I adore this brand is because the lashes stay on all day, without moving around or seeming too long.

SAX International just recently came out with their own brand of false lashes. Trying them for the first time, they reminded me of my favorite Ardell Lashes, very natural looking, with the perfect length; The great thing about these are they only retail for $9.95 too, and like most other lashes are reusable, which I love. 

Below are a few of my favorite false lashes and also the 1000 hour heated eyelash curler, which I must add is quite interesting and fun to use : )
Let me know below which are your favorite ones to use?

Until next time-Keep Smiling
Adore you all

Love Lilian x

Monday, August 20, 2012

Review: July Lust Haves!!

Hello my Beauties!

I decided to have a midday break from work to write all things lovely about Lust Haves! :) 
As I sit here trying hard to concentrate on my thoughts, of course Bella needs the urgent feel of attention pouncing on me as I type; she is a cute dog, but must say quiet jealous of the computer..And everything else unrelated to her : /

The first time I saw the July Lust Haves pack, I automatically thought of "Travelling" and what a great Travel Pack type of items. Filled with Pure Fiji Hydrating Body Lotion, Matrix deep smoothing shampoo and conditioner, an Avene' purifying scrub and makeup remover..its the essential airplane and hotel package to have on standby! 

Have you tried the July Lust Haves yet? Thoughts?

Until next time- Adore you all
Keep Smiling

Love Lilian x


Saturday, August 18, 2012

How to Style Current Trends:Florals & Prints!!

Hi my Loves!!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I must say I'm quiet excited to share this next video with you all, for a few reasons! Firstly as I mention in the video..I will be having my own Collection on Hex Effex called “The Butterfliielilian Collection”!!!!! As you can imagine when I first heard the news, I was over the moon, or galaxy, being so grateful couldn’t eve describe my feelings. I will be making an announcement video on my channel  soon though : )

As Spring is coming up very soon in Australia, and Summer overseas, I  definitely  wanted to create a “Current Trends” video. During Summer and Spring the most beautiful colours and patterns come out they make one not only feel the summer/spring, yet see it, all in clothing! It’s so amazing how a piece of clothing or items can completely change the way you look and feel, and it doesn’t even have to cost much! 
 I wore 4 different outfits in my video and I loved them all in different way. The diversity in each outfit was amazing.  By simple changing your shoes or adding on a blazer, allows the outfit to go from a daytime, to a nighttime look. 

The red laced leotard I wore in my first look Is actually going to be a part of My Collection on Hex Effex! (which I can’t wait to share with you all!) The white cuffed bracelet I wore is from ShopBelina, along with the Gold ring, which is from Favordeals (I’ll be doing a Giveaway on them soon..So Excited).

The second outfit is one of my favorites, as it’s so feminine. The dress is from Flaunt, and the material used is so thick and well made, that I’m sure it’ll last a lifetime: ) 

As Florals are so in season at the moment, so are floral pants. For all the women in the world..this has been one of the best interventions, as its so comfortable! Haha I bought mine from a boutique in Sydney. The black ankle boots I wore are from Fiebigershoes, and are only $30 now !!! WOOO

And lastly, one of my other favorites : ) A green-patterned dress from Romwe, which i thought i would never wear, although can’t seem to take it off! I adored the detailing in the dress, the patterns and color. Along with the white Skull belt (also from Romwe) it allows the outfit to be chic, with edge.

Hope you guys liked the outfits showcased : ) which outfit was your favorite?

Until next time adore you all!
Love Lilan x

Monday, August 13, 2012

Review: Orly Magnetic FX!

Happy Monday night my Loves! 

Sitting wearing 2 layers of clothing, all snuggled up in front of the desktop, I have the milk heated with honey on my right and a stack of the latest fashion magazines on my left.

 I absolutely adore setting my week in my purple agenda, clearing my old lists and adding my new goals. Once they’re ticked off, it may be one of the best feelings in the world. 

Please tell me you guys agree?! haha

I decided to blog about this polish I discovered a while ago and have worn it a few times already now. Orly has come out with their latest innovation recently, called the "Magnetic FX" nail polish collection!

It comes in 3 colours, with a twist! The magnet involved creates pretty unique shapes and patters on your nails once one layer of polish is applied. The entire process takes the same amount of time (if anything  ...less time) than applying regular nail polish.

Its the perfect unique “Nail Statement" to have- Stands out, yet it’s Chic!

Have you tried any magnetic nail polishes before? Thoughts? :) 

 Adore you all, until next time

Keep Smiling

Love Lilian x 

Friday, August 10, 2012

July 2012 Favorites (Fifty Shades of Grey + Chic Outfit!)

Happy Saturday Beauties!

I thought I’d do a “July Favorites” video on my channel, even though I’ve never personally done one, I love watching them and seeing other peoples favorite items of the month! 

I decided to include a bit of Beauty and Fashion items in my favorites, ow and not forgetting a Book series ;) 

For the month of July, I absolutely adored the 28 colourPalette by BH Cosmetics. The reason this palette stands out compared to the other palettes I have used, is that the colours are pigmented to a great extent and they also included daytime/nighttime colours in one palette. 

Secondly, Since nail polishes can get expensive in Australia, a few years ago I discovered the “DB-Designer Brands” Nail polishes at a local chemist. The colour lasts a lifetime and doesn’t chip in a few days. 

Moving onto my third item, which is one of my favorites! 

The MOR Cosmetic company line has some of the cutest products that are both so effective and also packaged lovely. I recently began trying their Salt & Sugar Body Scrub and must say not only did it completely peel away any Fake Tan that I was trying to get rid of, although it also left my skin feeling fresh and smelling amazing. As it's also currently winter in Australia my hands tend to get chipped from the cold; so using their Candied Vanilla Almond Hand Cream makes my fingers not so rough and smelling like ice cream..Just sayin = ) haha 

Moving onto the clothing pieces that I loved during July and even now in August..Are pastel and neon coloured items. These not only add a pop of colour to anyone’s wardrobe, although stand out in an outfit. Let me just add every time these are worn, I get questioned where they’re from  = )

The Neon shorts I showcased in my video were from Romwe Clothing and the Patel coloured Baby blue and yellow ones were from Flaunt! So cheap and eye-catching, making them both great statement pieces!

The Blue and Yellow chic dress I wore in the video was from Oasap; it reminded me of Audrey Hepburn and her style so much. The bright colours are so in season right now, yet it has a stylish aspect to it that reminds me of Old Hollywood : )  

And my Fifty Shades Franchise obsession..I have nothing to say..perhaps a Book Review Video?! Haha

Let me know what products/clothing were your favorite for the month of July, I would love to hear and see them ;)

Adore you all, until next time…
Love Lilian x

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Armenian Traditional Dance Concert

Hi my Loves!

If you realized I was a bit MIA during this past week, it was because it was my Dance Concert!
It was such a tiring and draining week; although I would love to relive each moment once again.
I can’t even get my head around the fact that it’s been 18 years since I began dancing and performing on stage (that just makes me feel like a great grandma -_-  ). I always thought once I got a bit older, I would stop dancing to concentrate on other things in life, although I guess my priorities regarding dance have never altered and I don’t think it ever will. A lot of goals have changed, my studies, my career, although dance has remained up there in the rank…

 It’s a passion and love that still holds its flame. 

Here are a few pictures from the night! 

Adore you all

Keep Smiling
Love Lilian x
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