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Thursday, December 27, 2012



I want to start of by saying how thankful I have been for everything that happened to me personally and my YouTube channel this year. I feel absolutely blessed having beautiful individuals from around the world watching my videos and supporting me in every way...
So..Thank You! :) 

My family and I celebrated Christmas with a family dinner, followed with a night watching movies! 

I also decided to upload a Christmas Giveaway video, that also includes Cute Gift Ideas for the holidays :)

I included a diverse range of gift ideas and price ranges for both women & men in my video..I also included my favourite picks below..Hope you enjoy! 

One of my most favorite gifts to receive during any occasion always is nail polishes. I'm a big fan of the OPI range, especially their "Hope & Freedom" polishes, as they go on smoothly and include beuatiful vibrant colours.

One of my other favorite brands would have to include the SAX Cosmetics nail polishes. They recently  came out with a new collection and right though and up until now, I have been wearign the #90-Orange/Red nailpolish. The good thign about these are, that they're cheap and last for up to 3 weeks!! (Well on my nails anyway ;)

If you watch my videos, you'd know that I've always been a fan of staying organized, clean and neat; So Typo always has cute things for girls and women. I actually bought a diary for Sarah (my sister) from their and bought myself a 2013 diary planner. Girls that are busy, trying to organize and schedule events will love things like these as gifts :)

A few of my other favorite and cute gifts to give would be the MOR Cosmetics gift bags, as they have a diverse range of products inside them, like their beautiful smelling soaps, lip balms and hand creams.

The "EQuip" store also have elegant and stylish jewelry and accessory holders, that I think are the perfect gift (or side gift).

If someone you know is passionate about makeup, or has a hobby in collecting it, I would recommend a simple, yet vibrant coloured eyeshadow palette. One of my most favorite is from the Sedona Lace-"Babe Collection" range.

As I absolutely adore fashion.. if someone gifted me with anything bag/purse related, I'd be over the giving it as a gift must feel better!
Statement clutches and purses are items girls and women will continue to use for a long time. So gifting them as presents will allow them to become essential items in their wardrobe. 
One of my favorites clutches and purses come from Condura. They're great material and they include colours that stand out, yet are chic and stylish. 

Last, but not least..If you're looking to spend a bit more money, for the quality, I'd definitely recommend a hair straightener or curler. It's so important to purchase the correct one, as its going to be used daily and you want to ensure your hair will remain healthy. I have had my straightener and curler for a while now. I purchased mine from Flat Iron Express. They're very easy to use and it allows the curls (or straightened) hair to last for a long time!

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4: Comment this video with which numbered necklace and who it will be for/why?!

Good Luck!! :) 

Comment below and let me know your thought and what your list would be?!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! Adore you all..Keep Smiling

Love Lilian x 


Saturday, December 22, 2012


A mother is one of the most influential person one can have in their lives...

Without  my mother I would not have become half the person I am today. Her drive, positivity, dreams and aspirations are all something I have looked up to since i was a child.

My mother taught me to follow my dreams and conquer my fears and honestly has been my role model growing up.

After asking her to do the Mum TAG for a while, we finally both got the time to sit down and film 1am, I hope you all enjoy :) 

I Adore you all..until next time

Keep Smiling
Love Lilian x 


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

How to Look Like Taylor Swift "Red" Makeup Tutorial

Happy Tuesday my Beauties!

I can't believe we are days away from Christmas, it seems so surreal! 
As I sit her to write this, I have the air conditioner on, yet last night I was capable of sleeping in my night gown. Speak about bi-po-lar weather. 

So a few days ago I created this look based on Taylor Swifts RED album. I didn't literally think i'd be wearing this look daily..And I'm not even kidding when I say daily. I never really thought red lipstick would suit my white complexion, although this beautiful shade by Eles..does the trick!

Using products from the Eles ‘Vintage Glamour Summer range’, this makeup look was quick and easy to achieve, yet with a unique and bold statement..the lips! 

The pigments on the Eles products simply pop out and last. the shimmer on the Bronzeberry powder bronzer doesn't seem to fade and the red lipstick stays true to its  colour for hours on end. 

Not just perfect for achieving the Taylor Swift signature look,although it's the perfect sexy summer Makeup. It's Bronze, Shimmery and Red! what more can you ask for?! 

Above are the products used to achieve the look! Hope you beauties enjoy the tutorial :)
Post your thoughts below! 

Sending kisses from me to you..until next time

Keep smiling, Adore you all!

Love Lilian x 


Friday, December 14, 2012

Bella Vampire Makeup Tutorial! Breaking Dawn Part 2

Happy Saturday my Loves!!

I cannot believe we are so close to Christmas!! 
How have you all been? Let me know & comment below :) 

I recently decided to recreate Bella's look in Twilight..before I get into it..can I just let you all know how much I cried. So so embarrassing..although it was soo sad to see the "end of an era". The end of the movie was so well done..I must say! Have you seen it yet? 

To recreate the famous vampire look..I began applying Red lenses from PinkyParadise! 
I hadn't wore lenses for a long time before this, so I was a tad scared, although they were super comfortable and within the first few seconds I couldn't even feel they were on.  
You can also WIN a pair of lenses..very easily..simply check out my video for more information below :)

I used the SAX brow kit to darken my eyebrows, as Bella's dark brows are always one of the main features on her face. using my Naked 2 Palette I added shimmer to my eyelids and then I used the Benefit Bright eyes palette to furthermore  highlight the inner corner of my eyes :) 

Once that was complete I used the Sedona Lace "03" Palette from the "Babe collection". The reason this is one of my favorite palettes is due to the colours being so vibrant on the skin, and let me add they tend to stay on for hours on end! So it works well! 

Using the eyelure pre-glued Natural looking lashes, completed the look! I love how these make getting ready less of a hassle, as they're packaged and ready to apply with the glue! 

Applying blush from MeMeMe and bronzer from australias set the look. I also tend to use the same bronzer to counter my face; this simply enhances certain features of the face and defines the look more :)

All products used are pictured below..along with the video tutorial!

Hope you all enjoy it ..until next time :)

Adore you all, Keep Smiling
Love Lilian x 


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Get Ready With Me! ♥ My Bedtime Routine

Happy Sunday Lovelies! 

Just thinking about the fact that it is already the second of December 2012, not only makes me excited for Christmas in less than a month, yet makes me sad to see where the time is going. It honestly is so scary how quickly time flies. 

Hope all my beauties have been well! 
I would love to to share with you all one of my most recent videos on my YouTube channel. This was one of the most fun videos that I had to shoot. 

Welcome to my Bedtime Routine! 

Every night once I arrive home, after changing into my PJ's and Robe, I take off my makeup with Cetaphil, then use Proactiv Deep Cleansing wash to deep clean my pores.

One of my favorite things to do a few times a week, is to use the PMD, which is the Personal Microdermabrasion treatment. This vacuums clean your pores, ensuring cleaner, tighter and smoother skin. 
After applying moisturizer and the EOS lip balm onto my lips..I'm ready for my green tea :) 

Moisturizing my hands right before bed has also been a must for me, because i must say i love waking up with smooth, nice smelling hands and the MOR Marshmallow hand cream does just that, alongside their amazing smelling soap! These items are both from their Limited Edition holiday Gifting 2012 range; although they are available in the Little Luxuries Collection all  year round (If you get them in the gift pack you save $2.95). where you can find it from Myer and David Jones. 

It smells like there's a fairy floss and marshmallow party going on, in your hands! 

Below I have included my video and also my favorite bedtime products to use nightly! 

Comment below and let me know your favorite items, face cleansers and moisturizers to use..ha i find it interesting what others use ! :)

Till next time..Adore you all
Keep Smiling. Love Lilian x

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