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Friday, January 25, 2013

Current Trends: Studs, Leather & Peplum!

Happy Australia day!! :)

It's currently 2:12am, I'm sitting here with cough drops, Vicks Cream and tissues..tissues and more tissues.
I caught a cold while filming my last Video a few days ago..although I must say it was well worth it ;) 
I absolutely adore Sydney! it's funny how it may take a while for one to really appreciate their own backyard and surroundings. I must say I definitely appreciate home much more these days and it's beautiful Scenery. We really are lucky to live in such a beautiful place called Australia!  

So, I decided to put together a few Outfits and "trends". I incorporated a lot of leather, peplum and studs into it; as not only do I adore  these, but apparently so does half the population... Studs, Peplum and Leather just seems to be loved! :) 

First Outfit: City Chic 

The first outfit I wore, reminded me a lot of "Sexy and The City".
I wore a trenchcoat from Amorette, my leather pants are from French Connection (a while ago).
I've been obsessed with Peplum style tops! That's why I instatly fell in love with this leather one from Romwe, and my shoes are from Siren, along with the necklace I wore, from Oasap. 

To create a more casual look, I added Vest, from Purple Ginger below :) 

Second Outfit: Retro & Vintage 

This is safe to say, one of my favourite looks! I wore a tiger blouse from Romwe, along with shorts, that  looks like a skirt from the front..also from Romwe Clothing :)
I'm wearing my Gold Guess watch, alongside a white marble ring from Dulcecandy.

Third Outfit: Summery Fresh 

 I came across Batik Batik online and instantly adored them! 
I'm wearing their Spring Collection (12/13). The dress is called the Diana dress, meaning  "THE GODDESSES". This is inspired by the wild side of nature. The dress is sexy, yet chic ..which I love!

What I realized first and foremost about the dress was that the fabric was like no other. The fabric itself is called "Batik", which funnily enough in Armenian means "Duck"!
It's not all printed material, yet is a valuable piece of wearable art! :) It's perfect for a special occasion (while dressed up) or even a casual summer's day; I love the diversity! 

For more information and inspiration Click Here :)   

The gold cuff I wore, is from GoFavor! If you've been watching me for a while, you'd know I love my pastels and my Studs! haha 

Fourth Outfit: Pastel Rock 

If you've been watching me for a while now, you'd know i love my Pastels and my Studs! haha 
This outfit reminds me of a "Chic Punk" look.
I'm wearing a beautiful pink blouse from Purple Ginger and studded leggings from Romwe.

The Bag that i'm wearing..i'm pretty sure is worn out by now..I wear it EVERYWHERE!! 
It's from BagInc :) Alongside one of the most comfortable shoes ever! My studded loafers are from Alias Mae.. And the beautiful "evil eye" bracelets, are from Amalia.  

Fifth Outfit: Sexy Sophisticated 

This is one of those outfits you wear for that special occasion, at night, to have fun! Yet it can also be a chic daytime look!
The skirt is from Supre', the shoes are Steve Madden (I purchased them whilst in LA) and the Black clutch is from Glassons :) The Mini gold cuff, is from Favordeal! 

Hope you enjoy the video & post! :) 
Comment below which one YOUR favourite outfit was!

Also don't forget to check out Romwe, if you live in Australia for 

their Huge Sale!! 

You get 20% OFF on all items. Code: Australia20%

- Australia customers get one pair free leggings with orders over $30.
From 1/26/2013 to 1/29/2013

GO: http://www.romwe.com/AUSTRIA-DAY-SUPER-SALE-ezp-77.html

Adore you all..Keep Smiling

Love Lilian x 


Monday, January 21, 2013

Current Favorites: Style & Beauty!

Hello Hello Lovelies!

Can I just start off by saying how hot it is in Sydney. There currently is a heat wave going on outside and I'm trying my best to stay indoors, hydrated with food! I hope you all are staying safe and protected from the sun too! :)

I decided to compile a few of my Favourite items within Beauty & Style!
I get so excited to see other "Favorite videos" and posts..so here is mine :) These are items I use very often, if not daily..weekly!

Let me know in the comments below if you've tried any of these and what your favorites are! x


When it comes to style, I tend to stick to certain looks. I'm one of those people that if I fall in love with a certain style, look or piece, I will continue to wear hat look regardless of anything else. 

If you've been watching my videos for a while now, you'd know that Ive always been obsessed with blazers and the whole "chic look", regardless of the weather. I recently discovered SheInside, and I must say I absolutely adore their style.. it's elegant, chic, yet trendy! 
I never use to wear coats, as it tends to be hot in Australia, although this coat below caught my eye instantly!

Below are my favorite pieces, perfect for the Winter and Summer seasons :) 

 Coat: SheInside
 Pink Pleated Maxi Dress:

Jewellery has always been something I've loved using to accessories outfits daily! Whether its a casual look, or a sophisticated nighttime look, I love changing up my accessories often.
Recently I've been obsessed with Spikes and Gold! 

These pieces are from Favordeal.com
They have amazing beautiful pieces, that are affordable! 

My sister also got me loving the whole mini, dainty rings. I can't seem to take it off! 



Since its summer in Australia and the heat tends to be strong as we're located right near the equator, its important to treat your hair with cream. Whether it's Shine cream, a leave in treatment or a smoothening one..I try to treat my hair at least once a week!

One of my favorite Shine Creams would have to be the Clairol Professional Polish-Shine Cream! 
It helps protect hair from the heat, by giving moisture and shine! 

Secondly, since its summer and bikini season! it's important to have a good hair removal remedy! 
If i'm not epilating my hair (with the emjoi machine) , I tend to wax.
 I was skeptical to use a new product that I hadn't tried ,although I was sent the Julienne Salon Hard Wax (for legs and body) , by a lovely friend and honestly I was blown away with the pain level and results!! 

Ok..truth be told I'm a sissy when it comes to pain..I even cry about the thought! LOL -__-
But this wax requires no strips, as its peel-off wax. You microwave it for 30 seconds to a minute..then TA-DA! That simple.
The pain level for me..(no joke) was a 4 out of a 10..which is amazing I must say!
I highly recommend this :)

Lip butters have always been a favorite with me, especially in the heat. The Australian humidity and heat, does tend to crack my lips, making them feel dry so moisturizing them is done daily! 

My favorites would have to be the Nivea Vanilla & Macadamia lip butter. It smells so good you can eat it! They're only $5.19 and will be available Mid March :)

I've also been adoring the balmi lip balms! These are super popular, from the UK and they come in beautiful colours..(including a "Tiffany Blue" ;) They have a handle attached to them, so you can clip t onto your mobile, keychain or finger ^_^ 

Since it's hot, I try not to use too much makeup on my face daily. Not only does it seem to come off more easily in the summer..although I just feel like my skin needs to breath more in the heat.

I have been wearing the "Kick it Side" Monster Liner in deep black everyday, along with the Poseidon Lash Mascara. These with the Chiffon BB moose (as it has SPF15+), loose powder and a red lip have been my Summer "Go To" makeup look.

The liner goes on so smoothly and allows me to create my 'cat eye" winged effect so quickly, I adore it!

The beautiful people at "My BB Cream" gave my beautiful readers a special 25%OFF discount coupon on all SKIN79's products (valid until 30/04/2013, coupon code: "luvskin79", simple enter the coupon code upon checkout to receive the instant discount!! :) 

Until next time ...I adore you all!

Keep Smiling

Love Lilian x 


Saturday, January 19, 2013


Happy Sunday Beauties!!

I absolutely adore Lazy Sundays. Im trying to currently type with freshly painted nails..does anyone else do this too? haha

I would have to say one of my most requested video ever..would have to be a "Room Tour" video!
I finally got around to filming a tour. I wanted everything to be perfect; although realized being the OCD type of girl..nothing may ever seem "perfect" about my room. So I decided to film regardless.

A room can tell so much about a person..the colour scheme, the decor, the simplicity or the clutter.

I love mixing old looks, with modern taste. Audrey Hepburn and the vintage old vibe definitely have to be felt in my room too! It just allows me to feel calm, cool and collected :)

Whats your favorite room theme? Comment below :)

I always get asked where my Makeup box is from..it's an amazing item to store all your makeup in.
I got mine from  the Makeupbox shop! 

Hope you all enjoy snippets of my room and the tour video below!!

Kisses to you all..Until next time!

Love Lilian x


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Review: December Bellabox 2012!

Happy Friday my Loves!!

There's always been something about Fridays that gets me excited, energetic and driven..don't ask why! 

After reviewing the Bellabox December package for a few weeks now, I decided to conducted a beautiful blogpost on it. Not only did I enjoy the products, although i must say how useful they were.

One of the items that got me the most excited was the full sized Savoir Faire Makeup Kit!
The colors so vibrant, essential and long lasting.

Secondly, as I have long, frizzy and thick hair, its always important for me to use products to tame it; if not tamed, let me just say its not a pretty sight..and I wish I was kidding. 

Having said this, I have been a fan of the John Frieda range for quiet a few year snow, as my mum has always purchased their products. The Bellabox featured  their "Secret Weapon-Finishing Creme", and after testing out a few times all i'll say is, it got the job done and tamed my hair :)

What were your favorite products in the Bellabox December package? Comment below :)

Ps: To sign up for a monthly Bellabox subscription for only $15 , visit their website here !

Adore you all, until next time..
Keep Smiling

Love Lilian x


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My 2012 Favorites! ♥ Fashion, Makeup and Food!!

Hello my Beauties!!

I absolutely love watching videos on favorite items, beauty products  ad clothing..so i decided to create my own! Also I obviously had to include Food in mine..as clearly i'm a big fan!! haha :) 

Below are a few of my favorite items I absolutely loved using, wearing and eating! 
Comment below and let me know yours, I'd love to find out! 

Beauty wise I absolutely adores using..

1: The Face of Australia Spray tan
2: Bio-oil liquid oil
3: The Naked 2 Palette
4: OPI nail polish colors (included "Mod about You" & "Alpine Snow")
5: The Eles Summer range Cosmetics
6: Zuii Organic  Peach Shimmer
7: The Victoria Secret "Coconut Passion" Body Lotion
8: The Grown Tube Face Scrub (AMAZING)
9: The Kosmea "Eighth Natural Wonder Revitalizing Facial Serum"

Fashion and Style wise..I loved brands including

2: Oasap
5: GoJane (amazing shoes!)
6: Aleeyas -stunning sandals! 

Food Wise (My Favorite!)

1: Quick Oats, with Coconut :)
2: Cinnamon Powder (with everything! ) haha ;)

Hoep you all enjoyed my video :)
Don't forget to comment to let me know your 2012 Favs!! 

Until next time adore you all

Keep Smiling..

 Love Lilian x

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