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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Handbag Essentials | WIN whitney Leather Bag!!!

Happy Thursday my Loves! 

I get asked a lot of questions on my Channel and Facebook page daily. One of the things I get asked often is what type of bag I use and what I carry inside it.

Therefore, I decided to film a video on my "Handbag Beauty Essentials". I also, included a GIVEAWAY on the bag I carry, which is the Whitney Cowhide Leather Bag from BagInc !!

These are my TOP Beauty & Handbag Essentials to carry:

1: Wallet (lets hope!)

2: Deodorant! Very important :) Nice smelling lotion/Body Mist

3: Water

4: Gum

5: Panadol (incase of emergencies) 

6: Sunglasses


8: A diary/Organizer-Mines from Typo-absalutley adore their colours! 

9: A Long lasting Finishing Powder- I'm currently loving the "Rimmel Long lasting finish mineral Powder", goes on amazing, from Fashion Addict! 

10: Bobby Pins/Hair elastic

11: Perfumed moisturizer 

12: Small/compact perfumes. I'm absolutely loving the Prada Luna Rossa Fragrance.
It has a beautiful fresh smell, with a mist of lavender. 

13: Hand Cream!! If you have watched my previous videos, you'd know my obsession with the MOR Marshmallow hand cream! 

14: Blistex Lip balm

15: Lanolips Lip ointment  -Works like a charm for multiple purposes! Is packaged beautifully too :) 

WIN WHITNEY Leather Cowhide Bag! :)

Giveaway Rules:

1: Subscribe to my Channel

2: Like BAGINC on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/OriginalBagi...

3: Follow BAGINC on Twitterhttps://twitter.com/bagincbags

4: Subscriber to BAGINC's YouTube Channel:http://www.youtube.com/user/OriginalB...

5: And leave a comment below letting me know you've entered! : ) 

Giveaway Closes: 10th March closes!! 

In my video below , I am wearing the beautiful tiger swimsuit from Romwe, alongside my denim high waisted shorts from Abercombie :) 

Until Next time I love & ADORE you all!


Love Lilian x 


Monday, February 25, 2013

Benefit’s Fake Up Launch!

Good Morning my Loves!

Last thursday I was kindly invited to the amazing Launch of the Benefit "Fake up" Hydrating concealer, by the beautiful people at Maxted Thomas.

Walking into the event, I felt like I was a child at a candy store and a barbie inside a real life Dollhouse. So many beautiful purples and reds, cosmetics and doll like furniture and accents.

I was kindly given the "Fake up" concealer to test. Applying it under my right eye only, it left my other eye looking sore, as it almost automatically allowed my under eye circle under my right eye to disappear. I instantly looked more awake and bright!

The night was followed by meeting lovely people and having bits to eat and drink.
I absolutely adore events like these, as it not only gives you a deeper insight of the brand, although allows you to see how the brand works as a whole, to a deeper extent.

The lovely workers at Benefit even put on a small play for all of us to see and learn more about their amazing products. 

As seen in the images it was hard to veer away from all the beautiful products. The one thing that stands out about Benefit Cosmetics, would definitely have to be their packaging and appearance. So dainty,  unique and well done.

We were all given these beautiful gift bags at the end of the night, Having already used the "Fake up Concealer", I'm quite excited to review the "Pore sessional balm" and the "They're real" lash mascara, as I've heard great news about them both! 

I must say I'm looking forward to the next benefit launch.
I had a great time Thanks to Maxted Thomas & Benefit Cosmetics!
 Thank You for having me :) 

Until next time..I adore you all

Keep Smiling
Love Lilian x 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine's Day | Get Ready With Me! ♥

Good morning loves! 

Valentine's Day can be one of the most exciting days for one if they have a Valentine, and if not it can be the most dull.
Although who said you need to dress up and get ready for that one person?
If you're Valentine-ness this year (hoping that's a word) get ready, dress up and have fun with your girlfriends!

If not, and you are happily spending it with someone you like, love or adore ..than this may help ;)

Here's a few thing I would do to prepare myself for my date and also products I love! :)

Firstly (as seen in my video) It's important to have clean, fresh and soft skin.
To achieve this, I applied the "Cupcake" face mask by Lush Cosmetics.
Besides smelling divine and leaving my skin feeling fresh and soft, I just want to add by saying it tasted AHHMAZING. Don't ask why. 

Secondly after showering and preparing your look, keep in mind to look natural, yet sexy.
And stylish, yet chic.
Guys hate it when girls are too "Over the Top", regarding their hair, makeup or both! 
I decided to opt for a more natural makeup look. After applying my Face of Australia Primer and foundation, I used the ibeautycosmetics Shimmer & faithful on the outside and inside corners of my eye. Then using their "black widow' colour, I shaded the outer corner of my eyelid, to create a sexy, yet subtle look. 

Using the elf cream eyeliner in brown, from beauty joint, I decided to create a "pop of colour" on the lips. (DISCOUNT CODE for beauty joint: "BUTTERFLII")

Just to add something different on Valentine's Day, I decided to use this beautifully packaged lipstick by Lush, called believe. Let me just say how amazing this colour is and even better..how long lasting the product is on lips! 


When it comes to style, be yourself. Remember leave one area of your skin visible and not all. Meaning if you show skin on the top area, regarding an open chest and shoulders, make sure you have covered  the legs and vise versa. Due to the fact, that you want to look elegant, presentable and chic.

In the video below, I have chosen a few of my favorite outfits one could wear on Valentine's Day!

One of my favorites, was the Sheinside beautiful lace vintage black dress. The pattern, fabric and design was something I instantly fell in love with. Something about the dress automatically makes me think of Audrey Hrpburn..whom I adore! 
I added this beautiful pastel coloured envelope clutch, to  the outfit for a beautiful pink combined color. The cluth was from Fashion Addict. 

My viewers also adored my last outfit worn in the clip! Which was the pink "Guess" off sleeve dress, which I had purchased a few years ago. I styled the dress with this amazing bracelet and necklace from Stylereign. this not only added colour, yet gave it a unique twist ;) 

For a clutch, I used this beautiful black and gold one from Fashion Addict. The black colour to me gave it a bold finish to the look!

Don't forget, regardless of who you're spending Valentine's Day with..

Hope this post helped out a bit :) Comment below your ideas and thoughts on Valentine's Day

Until next time..adore you all

Keep Smiling, Love Lilian x 


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Collective Fashion & Beauty HAUL!!

♡ ♡ ♡

If you know me, you'd know I adore switching up my style and accessories, depending on my mood, current trends and the weather! So I decided to film another "Haul" video. This time I included a variety of items I had recently bought.Therefore it became my official first "Collective Haul" on Beauty and  Fashion; This also included a few decorative pieces! :) 

I cannot seem to keep myself away from Romwe, Oasap and Purple Ginger when it comes to online style. Although when it comes to Beauty, I have been loving purchasing bulk makeup items and beauty products from Beautyjoint.com

From Romwe I found the perfect denim studded vest online! With the most dainty and feminine looking lace leotard. Wearing this, instantly makes me feel not only chic and stylish..yet very "beyonce" like..and powerful, I must add! 

Furthermore, I was in need of leather tights, as the ones I tend to wear have literally been worn out! So I decided to purchase the Oasap wet looking faux leather tights! They're comfortable, stretchy and they tend to hug you in all the right places :) 

You can watch my "Collective Haul" video here to see all the items in depth! x 

When it comes to makeup, I can't seem to go wrong with beautyjoint.com
Their products are so amazing, great in quality and cheap!
Living in Australia, your favorite makeup brands may get expensive, or hard to find, although with the power of online..this is magically solved ;) 

From my elf 11 piece brush set, to the Milani beautiful pigmented eyeshadow colors and the Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit, I have never been so satisfied with a  bulk purchase before! 

I received my shipment so quickly and safely, that I was a tad shocked at first. 
I can't seem to put down my elf brown cream eye liner either! You can see how I used these products with the look i'm wearing in this video :)  By entering the Discount Code: "BUTTERFLII" on BeautyJoint, you can get a great discount on already cheap items :) 

When it comes to decorating my room, the house ..etc..if you ask anyone around me, they'd instantly tell you not only am I OCD when it comes to being clean and neat, although I seem to have an issue with how my room is styled, how it smells and is perceived.
I came across this beautiful smelling "Kyoto" candle from Glasshouse Fragrances and not only did I fall in love with the candle and the scent itself, yet I fell in love with the love story behind it!

 “Kyoto is the scent of an untold story of the forbidden lust and love between an emperor and a common girl. It is brought to life by Kyoto’s sensual blend of camellia, lotus and amber for a truly sacred experience.”
- Nicole Eckels, Creative Directo

Guys if you're reading..It may be the cutest/ perfect gift for Valentine's Day! ;) 

Also, visit Glasshouse Fragrances from February 1st to the 28th 2013 to see the "Love Story" in action and you can also win over $1200 worth of Glasshouse products :) 

Good Luck! x 

Hope you enjoy my video <3 

Adore you all..Keep Smiling
Love Lilian x 

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