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Monday, October 28, 2013

Get Ready With Me: Formal/Prom Edition!

Hello Hello lovelies!

I'm sitting here at 1:34 am, surprisingly with enough energy, my tea to my left, feeling quite driven. Why you may ask at this time...the answer is..I have no idea. 
Although let's be excited at least we have this energy! :) 

I got back from my Los Angeles Dance Tour not long ago (will be doing a whole separate post and video on it soon :) and decided to jump back into my blog asap!

I recently conducted my Third "Get Ready With Me" Video, although focused it much around the "Formal/Prom" aspect. 

When it comes to getting ready, you can't go wrong with face masks, deep cleans and cleansing brushes!! This should be done either a few days earlier, or the night before.
The reason to this would be to avoid any rashes or skin allergies that may arise (as they do during the most crucial times!!)

My favourite Facial cleansing brush would have to be the Derma Sonic Cleaning Brush!
It gives such a deep clean that literally gets you thinking if you ever did take off your makeup in the first place..in all those years :/ 

I then tend to completely moisturise myself using a nice, thick layered cream. I've recently been using the Plunkett Natural Vita E Cream, its quite rich which I love.

When it comes to the dress, I would always be attracted to the "bigger, the better", also as ones style tends to change, you end up adapting and revolving to what you like next..For my formal finds, I adored these two dresses. This lovely Light blue one from Oarry and the one I ended up wearing from AX Paris, which I adored!

The black long dress reminded me something that Audrey Hepburn would wear and if you know me you'd know my obsession with her! haha 

It gives quite a sleek and chic look, which I loved!

My Makeup, as portrayed in the video below was completed by using various products ( all listed in the video description :) 

The scent I've been loving and wearing has got to be ..hands down Katy Perry Killer..just smell it..I dare you! :) 

Hope you all enjoyed the video, I would love to hear your thoughts! 

Also don't forget to follow me on Instagram, as I'm still fairly new to it :)

Until next time, Adore you all

Keep Smiling
Love Lilian x

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