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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Iggy Azalea Inspired Makeup Tutorial + Zoeva brush set giveaway!! #1

Hello my beauties!

Welcome to my 1st "12 Days of Christmas Giveaway" Segment!
Today I will be giving away the Zoeva Pink Elements classic eye set in an Iggy Azalea Inspired Makeup tutorial :) To celebrate Luxola and I are giving you beauties a 40% OFF CODE!!

USE CODE: "BLX-LILIAN" to get 40% OFF the Luxola website HERE

All you have to do to ENTER is:

1: Subscribe to my youtube Channel HERE 
2: Follow me on Instagram HERE & Follow Luxola on Instagram HERE 
3: Comment Below your Favourite "Must-Have" Makeup product! (Under this Post. You can also comment by using your Google+ Account)

Good Luck! :)

All "12 Days of Christmas Giveaway" Winners will be drawn after December the 29th.

Good Luck! 
Love Lilian x


Friday, November 28, 2014

Taylor Swift Inspired Outfits & IDEAS!

So Miss Tay Tay is currently killing it with her style, music and Look, so
I naturally had  to do a video on her!

Below are my favourite outfits inspired by her style and look. I was inspired by going onto my favourite App called "" and creating collections I would love to put together and wear!
Check out the app here :) 
Follow my Profile here :) 

Enjoy! :)

Don't forget to comment below your favourite pieces!
Until next time..Love Lilian x

Outfit #1:

My first outfit is by one of my FAV stores ShowPo!! 
The colour, fabric and style is something I ADORE! :)
PS: If you use the code "LILIAN" you get 10% OFF too ;)

Outfit #2: 

Navy Dress: ShowPo
Shoes: Zu 

Outfit #3: 

When I saw this dress, I literally fell in love. For some reason it makes me feel liek a princess! :)
The dress is from one of my favourite stores once again..ShowPo! :) 

Outfit #4:

This dress is perfect for Summer, a barbecue, party or right after the beach.
Dress was from Sheinside! 

Outfit #5: 

This dress is quite elegant & chic, something I can wear often :)
Its once again from Sheinside! 

Outfit #6: 

This leotard and white shoes were something I was so excited to receive! :)
They were from a South African brand called MRP.
Their shipping was fast and their customer service 10/10!
The leotard & shoes are from here!
They're currently running a huge Giveaway for Christmas, so check them out! :) 

Outfit #7: 

This is one of my favourite more nighttime" looking pieces.
The dress is from ShowPo and the jewels/headpiece is from House Of Paparazzi! :) 


Friday, November 14, 2014

Cute & Chic Outfit Ideas! | SPRING/SUMMER LOOKBOOK

Hello my beauties!
I hope you're all having a beautiful day :)

To be honest when I was driving a few weeks ago, It came to my realization that I hadn't filmed a Lookbook in a while and that really made me devastated. I adore clothes, styling and organizing my closet way too much to neglect the area (Lets be real!).

So I decided to put together a Lookbook of really cute, yet chic outfit pieces. These clothing items will also be PERFECT for Spring and Summer (Which is the season in Australia right now).

So I hope you all enjoy it!
Watch the video below also, to see how you could win the YSL earrings on my Instagram! :)
Good Luck! 

Outfit #1:

I've always been a fan of the colour Kaki, so I teamed up this jumpsuit from OneHoneyBoutique, with this beautiful black and Gold vintage belt, that was my mums. If you use the Code "LILIAN", you can get 10% OFF your order at OneHoneyBoutique! ;) x

Outfit #2:

This outfit I've had for a little while only, but have worn in numerous times!
Its so comfortable, yet so easy to spice up!
The outfit is from Onehoneyboutique and the body jewel is from HouseOfPaparazzi :) 

Outfit #3:

This outfits a bit more on the sexy side of things!
Both top and high waisted skirt are from OneHoneyboutique. 

Outfit #4:

One of my FAVOURITE outfits!
So simple, yet stylish. The white blouse is from Sheinside and the jeans from Front Row Shop. 

 Outfit #5: 

I like to call this outfit "Jungle Fever" haha :) 
Its something I wouldn't of worn a few years ago, however I love the bold statement it has going on.
Both high waisted skirt and top are from OneHoneyBoutique :)
Be sure to use Code"LILIAN" to get 10% OFF your order :) x

Click below to watch the Lookbook video! :) 


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Violet Box: October Review

Good afternoon Beauties!

As you may know, I have been a huge follower and fan of the monthly beauty boxes called "Violet Box". 
They tend to have large full-sized products to a greater extent, rather than a lot of miniature samples.
However, I must say I was taken aback when I received their November box (in a Positive way!)
I was so excited to discover one of my favourite shades of lipstick & lip liner inside it.

The Designer Brand lipstick in 391 Rose Gold, as well as the DB lip liner in Fuchsia rose made my week! These are colours I wear constantly and am happy to have more of within my Makeup Collection.

As seen below the box also came with other essentials, as well as goodies.
For a very small amount, you can also receive the box monthly, right onto your doorstep!

Which one was your favourite product from the range?
Let me know :)

Until next time, I adore you all!

Keep Smiling
Love Lilian x
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