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Monday, December 7, 2015

How to Get PERFECT Skin!

Hello my Beauties! 

Hope you all had a beautiful weekend! :)

I get asked a lot of questions daily, however some of these questions I continuously get asked more than others."Why is your skin so clear"", "How come you never break out?" and the answer is simple..well I think.

A: I use to ALWAYS break out
B: It's all about what products you use
C: It's all about what you eat.

To begin this list, you have to understand the importance of a great, quality driven products. 
There are so many products on the market today, that it becomes so hard to pick 1 ONLY, or even a FEW! 

As you may be able to tell recently, I love to try new products, new cleansers and creams..this way I see what the "hype" is all about and if they really work or not. 
I recently discovered "Goodness-Natural Beauty Lab"and it didn't take me long, to fall in love. 

I had tested out the products for only 2 weeks and immediately saw results. To be honest with you, I began using them as I had an allergic reaction to another cleanser (which I shall not name) and immediately Goodness helped my face feel restored, the itch was gone and the redness disappeared ( Thank god!)  
On top of that, my face was much more smoother, cleaner and soft! The cleanser comes with apple extract, chia seed, avocado and coconut oils. So it literally leaves you feeling clean, fresh and ready to take on the day.  

I tend to get very oily skin in the summer and quite dry flaky skin, during the winter. So, this creamy cleanser was the perfect balance for me! I used it every morning and night and felt a difference when I woke up. 

Along with the cleanser itself, I used the "Everyday morning moisturizer" to finish off the process. It has Chia Seed oil and is organic (that there made me fall in love instantly!)  I think they work great hand in hand, as they compliment each other well. 

Overall, I give this duo a strong 10 out of 10. Because if you are ever in need of products to keep your skin looking healthy, clean and feeling refreshed..this is the way to go (or in other words just a simply great cleanser.) :)

Have you ever tried this magical duo? What were your thoughts? Comment Below! 

Until next time, adore you all!

Love Lilian x

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

How to get the PERFECT Glow | Wander Beauty Blush & Illuminator Stick Review

Good morning my Beauties!

It has been a while- Ow Gosh!

I have SO MUCH to update you all about, however I think it may be more suitable to update you loves in a video..This in which will be done very soon! 

Now that to one side, I wanted to share one of my recent obsessions (from my latest video HERE).
It's called the Wander Beauty Blush & Illuminator stick! 

I remember growing up, my mum always had something similar, sitting in her bag and I always wanted to play with it. So I'm glad I came across this little machine. 

It's a little stick that offers the best of both worlds, however the texture is what I have liked most.

Besides, making me feel and look like Jennifer Lopez (with her natural glow), the stick Is creamy and goes onto your skin like a charm. Some highlighters I have used in the past, you may have to press firmly to get some pigment out of them, however Wander Beauty works in just a little swipe. The application is made easier with the stick form, so your hands won't get messy in the process either.

The stick comes in 2 lovely colours called "Soft Pink" and "Nude Glow". Both of these are suitable as you can play around with them both.
I like to apply it on my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose, my cupids bow, as well as a tiny bit right under my winged liner. I think this gives it a beautiful glow! :) 

Overall, I would give this product a 10 out of a 10, as its a perfect "on the go" beauty enhancer, which adds this beautiful sheen to your features. It brings out your wanted highlighted points and literally makes you glow! ;) 

For my beautiful viewers and followers, you will all be receiving a 15% off code, which is  "LILIAN15OFF" from Wander Beauty!!  Don't forget to check them out HERE :)

Comment below if you have ever used this lovely product and what your thoughts were?
Are you a fan of a nice highlight like me? Let me know below :)

Keep Smiling
Love Lilian x


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Study Advice + Career GOALS!!!

 Sponsored by Evocca College 

Hi my loves, hope you’re all having a beautiful day! 

I was recently planning out my videos and realised a lot of you beauties always ask me about my education, what I studied, and how I found it. So I thought I’d create a video and blog post to share my studying experiences and how I got to where I am for those of you interested in doing what I do. 

My number one tip when it comes to beginning your education – or even discovering what it is you want to do – is finding your passion and what you love in life. Now, this may obviously change and be different from one week to another, however, it’s important to find an industry you’re interested in and take it from there. 

I’m one of those people who like to completely research an industry or an institute before I sign up for it. So, when I first heard about Evocca College, I was definitely captivated by its resources, curriculum and education system. They are a unique college that offers one on one tuition to help students succeed throughout their course, gain confidence in themselves or even create a pathway to university. 

Before signing up, it’s also important to make sure a college or institution is compatible with you and your lifestyle. 

Evocca College is very flexible within their learning, letting you choose what you study, when you start and a timetable that suits your schedule, which is something that really appealed to me. 

 Teachers and tutors also play a powerful role in your education, so it’s important to feel comfortable enough with them to ask questions and seek help whenever you need it. As I mentioned, at Evocca College you also have your own personal tutor, which means you don’t ever have to worry about sticking your hand up to ask a question in an overcrowded auditorium! 

When I furthered my studies after high school, I was so scared about how it would go and how my future would look, I really needed one on one help – whether it was with a counselor, a tutor, or a coach. It’s important to have that extra support if needed. Evocca College will talk to you about your options, what you can do, and help you throughout your whole journey – from start to finish. 

I’m sure you can tell how passionate I am about this topic, so please also feel free to comment below and ask any other questions you may have for me regarding further education and studying. I will be placing the Evocca College website below, so please feel free to check it out, too! 


 Please always stay positive, determined and driven in life, because the world is such a small place and when I tell you anything is possible, I truly mean it. If you want to wake up one day and become a counselor, wedding planner, beautician, or an event manager – whatever it is, you can! With the correct resources, education and people around you, literally nothing is impossible, and I hope you know that! 

I hope my blog post and video helped some of you. Please don't forget to continue striving and working towards your goals. 

The world is such a beautiful place and your life is precious, so use it to its best!

Check out my video all about my Study Advice + Career Goals HERE! 

 I adore you all, until next time, bye!! :) 

 RTO Code 31455

Friday, August 21, 2015

Top 5 Health Tips!

Hello my Beauties!

It has always been a goal for me to be healthy, remain positive and overall create a great atmosphere and surrounding around me.

Now these things always take time and effort. You need to put in work, to see the results. So below are my TOP 5 Tips on being healthy and maintaining that new found power! 

This post is a collaboration with Heidi from InsideoutBeauty, so don't forget to go ahead and check out her tips too! :) 

1: Enrich your body with nutrients. Eat as many greens as you can and organic foods. Not only will you see a difference in your body, although how you feel and move will completely change!

You will start gaining more energy, more positivity and overall you will feel more powerful! 

2: Its all about the protein! 
Companies like Isowhey have changed the way I consume protein and whole foods! They make it easier to consume foods that you may not have in the past. As seen in one of my recent videos HERE, I include their protein powders in all my smoothies. This gives me more energy and makes me feel fuller for longer! :) 

3: Train

It takes 20 days for your body to get rid of a habit, or to gain a new one. 
20 days may seem like a while, however its a short period of time to train your body. Exercise will give you something nothing else can. It releases your endorphins, makes you feel great and powerful. You not only feel your best, however look your best.

I have been a dancer for the past 23 years and can easily say it has changed the way I think, move and feel! I have also been using a few tools, one of them called the FlexBelt, as portrayed in my video HERE. Its a wrap that you can adjust to your stomach and then get a long with your day. It only takes a few minutes daily and you can see the result. Small vibrations are built into the belt, that make your stomach workout, even while just sitting down. 
If you're after an easy way to tone up, this is the way to go :) 

4: Drink Water 

We've all heard this before and we'll hear it again! Cut out all the sugars in your body and replace them with the purity of water. Try to drink as much water as you can and you will see the difference in your body, face and immune system.  

5: Create a positive atmosphere and read. 

Reading gives you power and knowledge. Read as much as you can and create positivity around you. 
One of my favourite books is the alchemist. It opens up your mind and allows you to think outside your box. Read books that will encourage you, as a positive mind, is a positive life! 

Hope this post helped you beauties :) Don't forget to check out Heidi! 

Until next time, adore you all!

Keep Smiling! 
Love Lilian x

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

How I got Clear Skin | Purasonic REVIEW

Good morning my Beauties! :)

I often get asked what I use to clean my face at night, how I remove my  makeup and most importantly as of recently, I always get asked why my skin has been so clear? The process was not something that happened overnight. Yet one I have been working on for the last few months. 

You  may hear this all the time, however eating right has a lot to do with how you look on the outside. 
I began clean eating for the past 6 months. Of course I have my days where I dream and think of Nutella 24/7, however there is no other feeling, than having confidence and that is what you get with clear skin. 

I also began using organic products on my skin, including the KORA cleanser, by our beautiful Miranda Kerr. It made my skin smooth, clear and feeling fresh. Literally became a life saver when I stopped breaking out!! :) 

Most importantly, I began using the Purasonic Facial cleansing device. With an everyday brush head, waterproof stand and charger. You can never go wrong with it. 

I've always been a big fan of cleansing brushes, however this one in particular gave me something to talk about. It moves so so quickly, it makes you get deeper inside your pores and take all that gunk out! 

You can use it in the shower, you can use it to take off your makeup, or just to cleanse. The battery lasts long and makes washing your face not only easy, but (to be honest) kind of fun! :) 
Its inexpensive and it is something that anyone can use. Your brother, your boyfriend..etc..its great for men! :) 

Let me know if you've ever tried it and what your thoughts are below!!
Also let me know if you would like to see a video on "How I got clear Skin?! :) 

Until next time, adore you all

Keep Smiling! 

Love Lilian x


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

ghd Review: Curve Classic Tong Curler

Hello my Beauties! 

Its currently a Monday night and I was going through my list of Blogposts I had to upload and thought this review would be one quite beneficial one to my beautiful followers! :) 

As you all may know by now, I have quite thick and long hair, that could be quite hard to manage at times. Now I don't like to straighten my hair daily and use much heat, however I do like to have it styled and give it that "effortlessly chic" look! So "How could you do this Lilian?" you may ask, well the answer simple..style your hair knowing that you could be able to reuse the same hair style for a few days ....and the answer is as simple as g.h.d! :) 

I have been using the ghd Curve Classic Tong Curler for about a month and a half now and have fallen in love with the results. As I don't have much time to style my hair daily, as mentioned, I like to do something that could last me a few days.
Usually on the first day ,styling is as simple as drying your hair, using a bit of coconut oil, pre heat spray and using the tong . 

It's as simple as twisting the tong around your hair (in an outwards motion) and clamping it for about 3-4 seconds. The tool heats up very quickly and gives you a beautiful curl (if clamp is held on for longer), or a nice subtle wave (if left on for a shorter period of time). I tend to brush out my hair on the second day for a more nice "beach wave" look.

I have attached a few images of me using the tool, so you can see the powerful style that it could create! :)
Let me know if you beauties have ever tried the ghd Curve Classic Tong Curler below!

Overall, I would rate this hair tool with a solid 5 stars.

  • It heats up quickly
  • creates effortless curls
  • It has 1 barrel, which is very easy to use
  • Has ceramic coating
  • Has sleep mode 
Until next time!

Keep Smiling..Love Lilian x

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

How my Face became so Clear!!

Hello my Beauties!

Hope you're all having a lovely morning! 

As you all may know I have recently been visiting Laser Clinics Australia, to remove my unwanted hair.
I've had such an amazing outcome with their treatment, service and hospitality. Its so important to feel comfortable and confident going to clinics that will have such an impact to you and this is exactly how I felt.  

A few weeks ago one of the lovely ladies at Laser Clinics Australia Jenny, introduced me to a facial peel. She mentioned how it will leave my skin feeling smooth, clean and fresh! 
So, I decided to get the AHA Enzymatic Peel. This would be a gently micro-exfoliating treatment, that's designed to soothe, hydrate and micro-exfoliate flaking and sensitive skin. The reason they call it "micro" exfoliate, is because it gets in all the deep and small places under your skin and gives it a very deep clean.

The treatment took about 20 or so minutes and felt quite powerful. It felt like someone had removed my old, used and essentially dirty skin and had replaced it with a fresh, new and clean layer to work on. The cleanliness wasn't my only happiness, yet the day after when I came to apply makeup, that was when I got excited. My makeup sat so perfectly on my new layer of skin and did not move. The foundation looked so smooth and flawless, I was impressed. 

I definitely saw a difference and would highly recommend it to anyone. 
So if you're looking for a peel to get ride of all the dirt, and gently sooth and hydrate your skin, don't look further! :)
Call Laser Clinics Australia to enquire..You can Thank me later ;) 

Laser Clinics Australia is also currently also launching their  EOFY sale. Where you can purchase 2 for 1 laser! Its only for  4 days and it begins today!!! :) From Thursday 25th June – Sunday 28th June

Keep Smiling, Until next time

Love Lilian x


Monday, June 1, 2015


Hello my beautiful loves!

Hope you're all staying warm, IT IS FREEZING IN SYDNEY!!! :( 

So as you may all know by now, I have a slight obsession with the 90s. Everything from the music, the life, the beauty and the fashion..the fashion!!! <3 
Growing up I always wanted to be my mum and from what I recall, it all began from the 90s! I would look up to her makeup, her fashion and hair and would dream one day..one day I could look like her! :) 

So I have decided to film a 90s inspired lookbook with these looks below. (Check it out on my Channel HERE) I had so much fun filming this, so I hope you enjoy it! 

COMMENT BELOW your Favourite thing about the 90s, if you can remember! :)

Enjoy! x 

Outfit 1: 

Denim Blouse- http://bit.ly/1DApY33
Jeans- http://bit.ly/1HdMMlR
Shoes- http://bit.ly/1c1VhaE

Outfit 2:

Jeans- http://bit.ly/1EUdxtR
Shoes- http://bit.ly/1FqbmTB
Kimono- http://bit.ly/1Hrsdre

Outfit 3:

Dress- http://bit.ly/1F21wYJ
Scarf- http://bit.ly/19yBbod

Outfit 4: 

Jumpsuit- http://goo.gl/pLUEmz 

Outfit 5:

Blazer-  http://goo.gl/K2S63B 
Jumpsuit- http://bit.ly/1S4I5TV

Let me know which outfit was your favourite!

Until next time

Keep Smiling, Love Lilian x


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How I Remove My Hair!! (Laser Hair Removal Review)

Hello my Beauties!

Hope you have all been doing very well!

I'm currently in LA for a few weeks, although really wanted to share a special review with you loves on one of my recent obsessions! Grab a tea, some popcorn or a blanket and enjoy! :)

As you may all know I'm Australian, although with an Armenian background. So naturally, I grew up with darker hair and more of it..unfortunately. After years of waxing and using the epilate machine, I decided to look into laser hair removal! My hair grows quite quickly, so the thought of having to go through pain on and on again did not entice me at all.

On January 29th of this year, I began laser hair removal on my full legs with Laser Clinics Australia, at  their North Ryde clinic. 
So far I have only had 3 hair removal appointments with them, although cannot believe the huge difference it has already had on my life..(and legs).

Firstly, when I went into the clinic I was greeted by all staff members, then introduced to their treatments, the process and how it will all work. The staff was very friendly, helpful and understanding of my situation. I've decided to take you along with me on this journey of hairless freedom!! So I will continue to update you often on how I go with the hair removal and my experiences.

I began the whole process by ensuring my legs were shaved, free from fake tan or any sun damage. Due to the hair being removed by laser, it's important these things are avoided to help not cause burns or any pigments being left behind. I had also exfoliated my skin to help ensure it was free from any other lotions or products. 

The process and pain level was MUCH MUCH less than I had ever imagined it to be. In fact the lovely staff members were actually quite shocked and surprised to hear that I thought it would cause pain in the first place! haha  

The process took quite a short time and was over in what seemed to be 10-20 minutes. Honestly my legs have been quite hairless and smooth for the past 3 months and have had very little regrowth. 

Now as everyone is different regarding their hair growth, laser hair removal would also differ in the amount of segments you may need. Although I'm excited to see how many more appointments will be needed to completely remove all my unwanted hair. 

I will keep you updated on my journey and I look forward to my next post! Subscribe to my channel to also see my Review Video, which will be done once my treatment has been complete! 

Please Comment below your thoughts on Laser Hair removal and Laser Clinics Australia!
I would definitely give them 5 stars for their hospitality towards me, their procedure, help and service! 

As always..Love Lilian

Until next time
Keep Smiling x

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

HOW TO LOOK & DRESS SKINNY!! | Outfit Ideas!

Hello my beauties! 

I decided to do a Blogpost that I've never done before, as I thought these tips and tricks helped me, so I hope they inspire you too!

Growing up, I was never the "skinniest" person. Once I hit puberty, I had bigger hips than my friends, so I felt like I always had to be a bit more conscious on how I styled clothing pieces and wore things!

Now as you all know, I'm a big advocate on everyone being beautiful the way they are, regardless of shape, size or anything..! However the below video and outfit tips and tricks helped me style my body shape to a greater extent, allowing me to feel more confident with certain aspects of my body :)

Hope you enjoy the below outfits and video! (All direct links will be included!)

Please comment below which outfit was YOUR favourite! As I'd love to know :) 

Love Lilian x

Outfit #1: 

I teamed up this beautiful white dress from Sheinside with KardasianKollection gold drop down earrings. 

Outfit #2: 

This may be one of my Favourite outfits EVER! 
I teamed up  this beautiful grey peppy dress from Sheinside, with high black heels, as I thought it was the perfect match!

Outfit #3: 

This outfit is super comfortable, yet chic and stylish! 
I teamed up this cute white jumper from Romwe, with these comfortable jeans from the Mavi Jean Company! 

Outfit #4:

I got so excited when I saw this white blazer type of dress. I thought It was quite unique! 
I teamed up the white dress from Sheinside, with shoes from Steve Madden :) 

Outfit #5:

For a more casual/everyday look, I styled these 2 tone coloured pants from the FrontRowShop with this lovely checkered blouse from Romwe! 

Outfit #6: 

Last, but not least..I decided to go back to my fashion icons styling ways (Audrey Hepburn) and team up this beautiful pleaded skirt from Romwe, with this lovely pink blouse, also from Romwe!
It definitely gave me an old vibe and style to work with..which I loved! :) 

Until Next Time..

I love & adore you all! Keep Smiling :)

Love Lilian x

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