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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

PMD Personal Microderm Review | Does It Work?

Good afternoon my beauties!

Hope everyone is having a gorgeous week so far! 
If you have been following my YouTube channel for years, you'd know I have always been a fan of the PMD. 
The PMD is a personal Microderm, which puts you in control of your skin. Instead of using the general "cleanser" or "exfoliator", it deep cleans your skin and gives  you a customized treatment by rejuvenating your skin. 

Growing up, I never had the best skin. A matter of fact what I can remember is, coming home and crying to my mum and asking her, "Why Me?, Why did I have to  get the bad skin?"  My mum never seemed to have an issue with her skin, but I was the one that got mild acne. I was the one that was always self conscious, worried and shy and it was all due to the condition of my bad skin. 

Years had past and I was older. Now I could take control of my own skin, so why not try different products, tools and creams? I came across the PMD a while ago and to be honest, it was the first "tool" I began using and my favourite one to date. 

The way I like to explain it is, it works like a mini vacuum. It removes all  the dirt clogged deep down into your pores and it leaves you with a fresh/clean layer of skin to work on.

Besides clearing up your blemishes, uneven skin tones, fine lines and me what it does best is, it allows my facial products to be absorbed into my skin  better. It also allows my makeup to sit much more perfectly onto my skin, making it last longer. 

I use the PMD once to twice a week. However, depending on your skin, you can use it daily. Results are similar to a clinical based microdermabrasion (without the cost!) 

The kit in itself includes a dozen at home treatments, additional discs and directions (not that any is needed! ;) 
Its simple to use, effective and gives you great results :) 

A BIG Thank You to PMD for allowing my beautiful viewers to get 20% OFF their first PMD, by using the Code "LILIAN20" :) YAY! Click HERE to see what the fuss is about! 

Comment below if you have ever used the pMD and what your thoughts are! :) 

Until next time..Keep Smiling! 

Love Lilian x
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