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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

REVIEW: Chloe Morello + Ciate' Pretty, Fun & Fearless Palette

When one of your friends does an amazing collaboration with a lovely brand, you cannot help to feel proud and giddy for them.
Many brand collaborations are made yearly, with social influencers, however not all of them are made to last.

Chloe on the other hand, is a force of nature and if she puts her name on something, be sure it is no less than perfect, of great quality and timeless and that's exactly what her Ciate' palette is all about.

I was invited to the unveiling of her palette at the LA event a few months ago and it almost seemed like a big catchup with friends. It was so homey, elegant and classy at the same time. The palettes packaging is everything that screams out Beauty. It's filled with rose gold, petals and flamingos I believe and on the inside..its even better!

It comes with 15 colours, 9 matte tones and 6 foil shadows and they're all perfect for either a natural daytime look, or a stunning smokey nighttime one.

The above colours are my favourites! They make any eye colour pop! (From the Left- Shine bright, Own It & Fierce!) 

This is the palette you wear daily. It's the one you throw into your purse when you leave the house..just incase. Incase you need to revamp your makeup, go to your friends house, or straight to an event! 
I'm so proud of Chloe, not only because she's my friend, but because this is something she should be proud of! Well done! : )

You can watch my Beauty Tutorial featuring her palette on my Instagram @liliantahmasian

Let me know if you've tried it and your thoughts below! : )

Until next time..Keep Smiling!

Love Lilian x


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

How To Style Current Trends! Leather & Lace

Good morning Beautiful people!

It is a new day, we have new goals and dreams to reach, so let's get started : )

A few weeks ago, I posted a video, for a segment on my channel that I began years ago. Its called "Current Trends".  I love filming these types of videos, as I know you love watching them!

One of my recent installments on this segments is all about "Leather & Lace"!
We are going towards winter here in America, but I know back home, it's Summer. Either way, these outfits are so chic and cute to style and I hope you love them, as much as I do!

Don't forget to comment below which outfit was YOUR Favourite.
The video is also attached below!

Enjoy! Keep Smiling!

Love Lilian x

 Pink has always been a colour I have gravitated towards. The colour makes me feel positive, happy and confident. When I saw this dress on HotMiamiStyles, I was floored at how chic and stylish it looked! It's quite tight, but it fit like a glove and made me feel quite "put-together"!

Dress can be found HERE 
Pink Trent Coat can be found HERE 

What do you think?

No matter where you are off to, it's important to feel confident and nothing makes me more confident than a good pair of jeans, some heels and a statement necklace! : ) 

I LOVE these jeans from HotMiamiStyles, paired with this bold & beautiful necklace!
Thoughts? : ) 

Jeans can be found HERE
Necklace HERE
Boots HERE 

Going into Summer (if you're in Australia) is such a fun time to explore with colours, make statements and feel free!  When I saw this two piece set on HotMiamiStyles, I was so excited to wear it!
The colours are just so uplifting! I teamed it up with purple heels and called it a day :) What do you think?
The Dress can be found HERE 

Which outfit was YOUR Favourite? 
Don't forget to comment below and watch the video! :) 

Love Lilian x 


Sunday, November 6, 2016


Happy Sunday Beautiful people!

I'm sitting here with my lovely cup of coffee on my left and a whole lot of "post it" notes scattered everywhere on my desk. I am determent to be organized and tick off that list off mine. So..I'm starting with this post! :) 

When it comes to "Trends", I don't like wearing what is necessarily "In style", but what makes me feel good about myself, confident and postive.

In the past few years, I came across a fashion site called "One Honey Boutique". I met the owner through my YouTube channel and we hit it off. A matter of fact her name is "Honey" :)

Since meeting her we have collaborated a few times on my channel, however this past collaboration may be one of my all time favourites. I picked out pieces perfect for a night out, event, wedding or a simple date night. The style and colours to one side, what I LOVE most about this company is the fabric they use. The material is so high quality, so thick and long lasting, you will never need another dress similar to ANY of these! 

We also created a video Lookbook featuring all the beautiful dresses and I have attached it below! : ) All the links are also near the images. Use Code "LILIANT" for 10% off Storewide! 

Which one is your favourite pieces?! COMMENT Below! x

This beautiful pink dress is to die for. 
Its one of my ultimate favourites. It fit like a glove and felt like it was custom made for me ;) The style reminds me of the 90s which I love. Its quite stylish and chic! 
Click HERE of this dress. 

White is something I get scared to wear, however this dress  made me feel so comfortable and put together!
Click HERE for this dress : )

Black NEVER goes out of style. It is so elegant and put together!
Click HERE for this dress

I normally don't like to wear dresses that are too revealing. However when I tried this on, I was so impressed! It made me feel so sexy and confident!
Click HERE to see!

Last, but not least...Jumpsuits are always in trend! They are easy to style, so chic and effortless!
Click HERE to see! : )

Hope you beauties enjoyed this post! :)

Don't forget to check out the video below too- Enjoy :) 
Which Outfit was YOUR favourite?

Until next time, Adore you all!

Keep Smiling!

Love Lilian x 


Friday, November 4, 2016

Get Ready With Me: Fall Makeup, Hair & Outfit

Happy Friday my Beauties!

To start off this weekend, I thought I'd create a video and Blogpost on all my Fall essentials.
Watch me Get Ready (including my Makeup, Hair & Outfit) for the perfect Fall evening!

I absolutely fell in love with these makeup tones and think they compliment one another very well! 
I would never think of mixing purple tones, with a red lipstick, however I love how it turned out!
It works right?! :) 

Every single product used, has been attached below for your convenience! : )

Links: ♥
★ PIXI Hydrating Serum:
★  Napoleon Auto Pilot Primer:
★  Smashbox Foundation:
★ Chloe x Ciate Palette:
★  Antipodes Powder:
★  Benefit They're real:
★ ABH Brow wiz:
★ Jeffree Star Redrum:
★Pixi Liner Ink:
★ Smashbox Contour Palette:
★Cloud 9 Straightener:

★GHD Heat Spray: was such an easy website to work with. The shipping, the staff and the entire procedure was so easy and smooth! I love a website that offers not only great products, but a lovely customer service and they did just that!

Let me know your thoughts on the look below and don't forget to check out the video too! :)

Hope you have a beautiful weekend!
Until next time, Keep Smiling!

Love Lilian x

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

ghd Review: Platinum Electric Pink Styler

Welcome to my brand new, fresh website!! : )

I have been working on this new website for a few months now and tweaked it, until I was OBSESSED with it! 
I hope this hub on the Internet brings you all the reviews needed, all the fashion and beauty to drive  your days, positivity, confidence and love! That is all I desire for! 

Now onto my very first review on this fresh website! 

Growing up, I was always so so self conscious of my hair. It was one thing I thought I could never control, (that alongside my pimples!). However once I had passed my teenage self, I realized there was this magical tool called a ghd and ever since then, I was hooked. 

GHD has partnered with cancer charity the "National Breast Cancer Foundation for the past few years now and they have raised over $18 Million for breast cancer across the globe, over the past 12 years. This is insane as not many beauty or fashion companies will go out of their way to support an amazing foundation, like the breast cancer one. 

Since then, any pink tool that has been sold, ghd has continued on to donate to the fund. 
I was recently sent the Platinum Electric Pink Styler to review and was so surprised by the tool.

I knew I always was a fan of the brand, however this particular tool got me by surprise.
The heating time, the quality of the tool and the power it had to tame my crazy hair, was all astonishing to be frank! It's quite "hi-tech" if you will and it makes me certainly feel like I've walked out of "The Jetsons!" :) 

It tames my thick, unruly hair and not only for the day. I wash my hair only once to twice a week and after using the ghd Platinum Electric Styler, I find myself NEVER going over my hair or touching it up! 

This tool is perfect for the busy student, worker, mum or anyone that does not want to throw away any hours preparing for the day or week. You get your task done quick and can have beautiful, soft and healthy looking hair in a few short must minutes! 

I recommended the hair straightener to my mum and if you know ow crazy/unruly my mums hair is, you'd know the recommendation must be AMAZING and the ghd is! Just saying. 

Feel free to check out my video below of me using the tool and leave your thoughts and comments below!


Until next time..Keep Smiling.

Love Lilian x

Gifted by GHD however all opinions and thoughts are my own.

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