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Friday, December 30, 2016

SLAY New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial

New Years is my Favourite Holiday! The Feeling, the anticipation, the glitz and the glam!
So, I decided to create a different Look for New Years this year. I love the idea of a red lip and brown smokey look, however I thought I'd do something unusual, something that will stand out :)

I teamed up a coral lip, with a beautiful pop of green on the eyes!
I have attached below the video as well, so don't forget to have a look and let me know your thoughts! :)

I began the look using one of my favourite primers, called Bye Bye Pores.  I then went ahead and used my amazing Artis brushes for the foundation. I wanted a flawless, finished look, so for the foundation I used the Smashbox Studio Fix liquid foundation! 

I recently discovered a lovely brand called Deck Of Scarlet and had to try their palette. It comes equipped with everything you need for a whole look. I used their powders for my contour and their base colours for my eyes. They had this beautiful green tone, so I had to wear it for New Years! 
I placed the green under my eyes for that Pop! The palette came with a beautiful blush tone, so I used that to brighten my cheeks also. The palette can be hand delivered to your door for $29.95, which is what I love! Its quick, its convenient and chic! 


I finished off the look using the Smashbox x Shaymitchell colllaboration palette called Ablaze. Alongside this pop of coral lippie by MakeupForever, which can be found in the video below! :) 
Let me know what you think of the look below and what YOU will be wearing on New Years Night! 
Until then..Keep Smiling!

Love Lilian x


Thursday, December 29, 2016

5 Things To Do Before The New Year

The New Year is upon us. It's an exciting time. Hopefully we have all rested in these past few days. We are recharged and ready to begin this new chapter.

I always find this time period very exciting. Growing up, New Years was my favourite holiday ever. You have hopes, dreams and goals to achieve. You really focus on ticking off that list, but will you? How far will you go? The truth is, the more persistent you are, the more motivated and focused you are..the answer is far. You will go far.

I have attached below my Top 5 things you need to do, before this New Year. These will make you feel organised, relaxed and ready for 2017! :) Lets do this!

1: Have a big clean out! I am certain we all have items in our closet that we no longer use, wear or need. From clothing, to shoes, to bags and accessories.
Sit down one day light some candles, pump up the music, put your hair in a bun and go for gold! :) its my most favourite feeling! Categories things that you need, things that someone else may find more useful than you and things that you need to toss.
This way, you will find more space to use, it will be much more organised and clean.
Minimalism is my goal in 2017 and maybe it can be yours too?! : )

2: Clean out your computer! We all worry about our space in our closets, rooms and houses, but do we ever think the same about our computers or our hard drives? If your answer is "No". then maybe you should! This may only take you 15 minutes or an hour, but it is so worth it. Sit down one day before the New Year an clean out your computer.
You can start off by cleaning out your images, your hard drive and rubbish bin. Get rid of any files you no longer need, any documents or screenshots. BEST. FEELING. EVER.

3: Lists Lists Lists! I know this may sound old school, but thats what I am. I am such a "List" person. I write down lists for EVERYTHING! You should write a list about goals you want to achieve, things you need and dreams you need to tick off! They can be short term goals and longer ones. Do not put this off!

4: Create a Vision Board! You may have heard this one too many times from me, but I am NOT backing down! You NEED to create a vision board. For those of you who may not know what I am talking about, a vision board is a physical board with images of your goals, dreams and desires. This will help you achieve your gaols quickly as you will always look at this board. It will help you visualize them and need them more!

5: RELAX! Now this one may be my favourites! :)
Its the end of a Year and the beginning of a new one. Once your tasks are done, just relax! Catch up with old friends, meet new ones, visit family and loved ones! Read the book you have always wanted to read. Have that pedicure with your mum you have been putting off. Visit that restaurant you always wanted to go to. Do things you may not have time for normally and enjoy every second of that adventure.

Let me know in the comments below what your dreams and goals are for the New Year, because I KNOW you can achieve them! :)

Until next time, Keep Smiling!

Love Lilian x


Monday, December 26, 2016

New Years Eve Outfit Ideas | 2016

New Years Eve has always been one of my Favourite Holidays! 
There is something in the air that day! Everyone's excited to see the beginning of the New Year, yet a bit down, knowing the year they lived will never come back. There's anticipation in the air, motivation and drive to begin a fresh new chapter and nothing gets more exciting than that! 

Days are full of promise, love and hope. Lists are made, resolutions are written and as always, the unexpected occurs. It is my favourite day. 

To celebrate the start of this new year and this new chapter, I have created one of my favourite videos yet, with Richard from helivisionsolutions. We decided to create a video that I had never done before and I loved every second of it!  

Below, I will attach the video we created, alongside my favourite pieces to wear on New Years!
There's something for everyone :) 


Every time I think if New Years, I think of Glam! Big! Beautiful! ( I had to include an eye popping gown in here somewhere! ;) When I saw this dress from Sheike,  (Similar Dress HERE) I had to have it!
The fabric and material is made so well and so thick, its one of those dresses that will last forever! Its body hugging, snug and hugs you in all the right places!

I don't think enough credit goes to mid length dresses! I was always afraid to wear them, as I'm quite petite myself, however I decided to try on this beautiful white lace dress from DollHouse Design and fell in love!
It is so simple, yet so elegant. Its the perfect dress to "dress up" or "dress down" : )

As I was having a "Mid length dress moment", I also wanted to try on this beautiful red one from Dollhouse Designs.  The colour stands out, its so comfortable to wear and easy to accessories with! :)

Not everyone wants to dress up and wear fancy shmancy outfits for New I also styled this gorgeous, chic and comfortable set from Boohoo! : )

I know its a bit unusual, however I decided to style this one piece swimming cozi (similar HERE)  with these cream pants. They go so well together and it may just be my new favourite everyday outfit! ; )

Let me know which outfit was YOUR FAV in the comment below!
I had SO much fun filming this video, so please don't forget t watch it below and give it a Thumbs UP :) Please Subscribe to my channel also!

Until Next Time..Keep Smiling

Love Lilian x


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

5 CUTE Personal Gift Ideas For HER!!

The Holidays and Christmas time can be such a difficult time to shop for your family!
Do you buy them clothing, products or gift cards?
What is harder, is buying for your loved one..your girlfriend, your wife, or partner. All this depends on how long you have known them for, how comfortable you are with them and what your budget is.
So, I have taken it upon me, to help you and create a Gift Guide for you significant other!

These are 5 Cute and very personal gift ideas for HER! :) WATCH the video below too!
Let me know in the comments below which one you like the most! Enjoy!

1: I have always been a fan of journals and writing out my goals. A nice gift for your loved one would be a "starter pack" to follow her dreams! :) This can include a journal that has a list of things you know she wants to achieve, or bring her closer to her dreams.
You can add in affirmations, goals and dreams that she can tick off! :) These are inexpensive, yet meaningful!
Find HERE:

2: Something that is overlooked often, is frames, images and artwork. These are so beautiful, so meaningful and can be kept for years and years. I recently came across a beautiful website called Art Me Out. They have such a huge range of images to pick from and they are all so beautiful.
Their artwork comes in various different sizes and they are delivered in such a secure way, with timber around them. I picked out this beautiful image called "Sunset Friends" and thought it looked so nice in my home. The colours stand out, its so vibrant and eye catching!
They were so nice enough to give my viewers a discount code for their gallery. Use the CODE "ART4HOME" and receive a discount this holiday season! : )

3: Inspirational books have always been something that has uplifted ones spirit, ones mentality and drive. Admit it, not all of us wake up feeling 100% positive every single day and these books help!

My favourites include the "Power of Now", Tony Robbins "Awaken the Giant Within" and "The Secret". They are the perfect gift idea to help inspire anyone around you! : ) 

4: Nothing beats personal hand written notes, whether they are a page long, or a paragraph only.
My beautiful friend had written the sweetest little letters for different days I could read them on.
One was for "When I was feeling Happy", the other "When I was surprised", "When I was feeling down" and so on. They are so cute, so personal and caring.
When in doubt, write a letter..long or short! 

5: Lastly, when you are out of ideas, nothing beats a class, a session or an adventure! 
If your loved one is obsessed with cooking, buy her a class, if she's a fitness junkie, buy her a few session with a personal trainer! She will thank You Later! : )

Hope you enjoyed my gift ideas!
Comment below which one you would LOVE!

Until next time, Keep Smiling!

Love Lilian x


Sunday, December 18, 2016

Holiday Outfit Party Ideas!

It's the best time of the year finally, you get to spend more time with family and friends, you tend to be on holidays, so you become more relaxed and positive.
There are plenty of Holiday and Christmas parties going around, So what better way than to knock off the Christmas season, with Holiday Outfit Ideas! :)

Below are my top favourite outfits from HotMiamiStyles, for various occasions! I have posted the VIDEO LOOKBOOK below too! Enjoy! I will be posting a New Years Eve Outfit Ideas Lookbook soon, so stay tuned!

I hope you enjoy them! :)
Let me know which outfits you like the most, in the comments below!

Keep Smiling
Love Lilian x

We all get invited to that one black tie party, where we have no idea what to wear and how to dress.
Well, I have the answer for you! :)
Once I saw this HotMiamiStyles Black gown, I fell in love. Its sleek, chic and so comfortable.
Perfect for an event, major Christmas or Holiday Party!

Not all of us go to fancy shmancy events. Sometimes we get invited to nice "House Parties", Birthday Parties and celebrations and we have no idea what to wear! This mustard romper below just screams out HOLIDAYS! Its comfortable, relaxing to wear and so pretty!!

It's also wedding season during the holidays, meaning not only do we have to worry about the Christmas parties, but the celebrations as well! This black off shoulder gown is something that is so elegant and chic, its perfect for any type of celebration!

Celebrating Christmas in Both LA and at home in Sydney, is my favourite thing to do! You can wear nice and warm clothes and also celebrate wearing summer cute outfits!
This short floral dress is PERFECT for an event, celebration or even barbecue! :)

Sometimes all you want to do is to stay warm and cosy! This cream tight knitted dress is the result you are looking for! It's comfortable, sexy and chic! 

If you have been watching me for a while, you'd know I just have a thing for jumpsuits!
They are comfortable, stylish and just nice to wear! I love the design on the below jumpsuit and the belt that it comes with!

I couldn't create a Lookbook for the holidays, with no red! :) I had to include this beautiful 90's inspired body hugging dress. It reminds me of Melanie Griffith in working Girl. It's definitely my spirit animal! :)

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