Monday, April 24, 2017

Pixi & Aspyn Ovard Collab Review | Highlighters with Love!

Happy Monday My Beauties!

If you know me, you'd know if there's anything I love (besides coffee), it's a good Monday.
I just love Mondays a bit too much for my own liking. Get this..It's a fresh start, a new slate and it just gets me so excited for the rest of the week! Do you feel the same way? : ) Comment Below!

So, Last week I was invited to a lovely Pixi event to celebrate Aspyn Ovards collaboration with the brand. Now, what I love about Pixi and their events are the details. 
From the moment we walked in, we were greeted with Champaign, flowers, lights and love! 

As you may know, Aspyn is a lovely YouTuber with so much style and grace, so I can see why the brand chose to collaborate with her. Within the collaboration, they came out with highlighters, mascara, a brow tamer (2 in 1) and more! :) Pixi thought about all the essentials needed and maximized it!

Their highlighters are so pigmented and long lasting. I was quite impressed! :) 
If you haven't tried the products, I urge you too! Find them HERE online.
They're compact, long lasting and the cute packaging doesn't hurt either!  ;) 

You can also find the products at your local Target stores and I know you will love them! 

Once we walked in and had a bite to eat (or a few) , we had a chance to take a few snaps with the local photographer at the event and meet other beauty lovers! 
Pixi is one of the sweetest companies I have veer worked with. They are so loyal and true to their brand, which makes YOU feel excited to keep using their products. So, Thank You Pixi for having me.

Until next time.
Love Lilian x


Friday, April 21, 2017

My Coachella Experience 2017 | Smashbox Event

There's events, then there are Smashbox Events.

Last Friday I headed to the desert in Palm Springs to experience Coachella and a few events.
It would have been my first time attending the Festival events, so I had no idea what to expect.

 My sister Sarah and I arrived in Palm Desert early morning at around 10 am and let me tell you the 2 hour drive was worth it. The serenity in the desert, the quite and the calm, is something you can never replicate. Untouched land, with beautiful windmills. It really was like a movie.

We got ready and were waiting for our car to pick us up from Smashbox Cosmetics. 
The car drove us about 10 minutes away from where we initially were, into the hills. Sarah and  I then walked into a beautifully setup mansion.

There were Smashbox inflated lips everywhere! Red, blue, pink and blue and they were all gorgeous. The venue had a pool, a tennis court and even a zen garden. Fancy.

We spoke amongst people and they were all incredibly lovely. We received a palm reading, hair and makeup and of course, a few drinks.
However, what got me the most excited was the food. The food people. So delicious, refreshing and perfect for the desert. We had so many tacos, I was surprised we were able to keep it together.

Dress: Zaful 

I am so grateful to work with the brands I do, however Smashbox always makes me feel like I can accomplish anything. I wear their "Always On matte Liquid lipsticks" every single day and simply never get tired of them.

Thank You to Smashbox for having us! We had a blast :)

Dress: HotMiamiStyles 

Dress: OneHoneyBoutique 

Which outfit has been your favourite so far? Comment Below!

Until next time.
Keep Smiling x


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

5 Steps to Lose Weight and Keep It Off

It's a New Year, it's a fresh start and a brand new page in this new chapter!
Let's make the most of it in 2017 and be the best versions of ourselves! So many people ask me how I stay motivated and fit to keep on dancing, working out or active and the answer is simple. I used to be a massive "yo yo" dieter. Everything I did was for that week or month.
It was when I was around 19, when I realized if I want to make an actual change, I have to stick to it and stay focused!

Below are my Top 5 points and tips to lose weight and keep it off!
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! : )

1: Set realistic goals

We can all be so tough on ourselves, however once we understand the importance of progress and slowly achieving out goals, we then understand the power of timing. 
Set realistic goals and start to achieve them slowly, yet powerfully. This will allow you to avoid any "quick yo yo" schemes. This will also help you keep off the weight, rather than put it back on quickly!

2: Understand the importance of your health, rather than your body weight.

When I first began attending the gym and working out weekly. I then realized the importance of what you consume and the power of protein. For years I always heard everyone speaking about "protein powder", however I never really understood the benefits and power it could have had.

I began using 310 Nutrition shakes and meal replacements.  I consumed the shakes before and after my gym sessions and during lunch time or dinner times. They were made from the finest ingredients, which gave my body the perfect balance of protein, fiber and nutrients, needed to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.  
It is so important to do your research about what protein powder you will be consuming and I'm so gLad I found 310!  My favourite flavour so far is the Chocolate one :) (what else is new). 
They are sugar free, dairy, soy, egg, nut and gluten free, which are all a massive YES for me! 

It is so so important to give back to your body. Give back all the nutrition, energy and protein, especially once you workout and 310 nutrition has done that for me. They were nice enough to give you loves a code to get 25% off  their shakes, by using the code "3104YOU" !!

3: Understand the food you eat and the reason

We are all human. Sometimes we eat when we're happy, when we're sad and excited...I get it (I do this too). However, it is so important to understand your body and know when to at and why. instead of holding off with food, then binge is so powerful to plan ahead. know what you will be consuming and why?
Track your food intake. Stay organized with a food diary or an app and understand what you are eating and how much of it. 
This will help you stay on track and in perspective! I promise.

4: Make smart choices.

You can still enjoy eating and have delicious food. You don’t have to give up  anything. Learn to make smart food choices and simple substitutions instead. Discover healthy snacks and how amazing fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can actually be! They will also keep you fuller for much more longer.

5: Stay Fit

Whether it's a dance class, a 20 minute walk, a hike or a gym session, stay fit. It may be hard to leave the house, however no one has EVER regretted workign out. You always feel SO amazing afterwards and you will look great! JUST.DO.IT. 

Until next time..Keep Smiling



Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Best Drugstore Products | 2017

Drugstore products are something we have all played with growing up, experimented with in our teens and grown to love.

I often think they are overlooked and under rated quite often, to be frank. 
So, I decided to create a post all about my Top Drugstore products. These are all of great quality, long lasting and pigmented! I have grown to love these products and throw them in my bag whenever needed! 

Let me know if you've tried any of the ones listed below and what your thoughts are! 

Enjoy! : ) 

Okay, I need to start off with the products that made me falling love with the "Drugstore", or as we like to call it in Australia, the pharmacy! ;) 
So when I first began using makeup, I had no idea what "contouring" was and what it involved.
A few months into my new hobby, I discovered the brand "elf" and began using it every single day.

Their contouring blush and bronzer are SO pigmented and long lasting, it will leave you shocked! 

Now coming into the base..
You  need something pigmented, high coverage, with great quality...So I introduce you to Nude By Nature and their Pressed Matifying Mineral Veil. You're welcome. 

Before beginning any sort of makeup, you need to prep!
Prepping can be easy and long lasting, IF you use the correct products.
Pixi have some incredible products to play with and I think they are best known for their Glow Mist and H20 drink hydration gel! The gel works like a primer for me and the mist begins and ends each makeup look! : )
When it comes to foundation, if you have watched any of my past videos, you know how obsessed I am with the Rimmel Match perfection! Because it indeed is perfect! (It also has SPF in it!)

 You may know NYX create some AMAZING products! But have you tried their shadows and kits?
They are pigmented, creamy and long lasting! favourite, the lashes! 
I need to have wispy, long and feathery lashes at all times. I had never heard of "Salon Perfect" before I moved to the states, but when I did..that was it. 
I found these in CVS and never looked back! They are so long lasting and reusable! If you're on a budget I'd also recommend these bad boys! : ) 

Hope you enjoyed my Favourites above and don't forget to watch my video above and let me know your thoughts! 

Until next time..Keep Smiling!

Love Lilian x

Sunday, February 26, 2017

How To Become Beautiful OVERNIGHT!

Beauty does not come from wearing the most expensive clothes or the latest trends. It comes from how you treat others, it comes from when you stand up for what you believe in, how you respect those around you and the way you help others.

Take some time out of your day and compliment a stranger; ask if they need help, assist them. Never lower anyone around you; instead, uplift them, shower them with positivity and love.
I promise you, you will feel amazing when you do this. Good things will come to you.

I decided to create a little video below, showcasing my real thoughts and opinions on the topic.
Let me know what you think, once you watch it below.

Continue reading my post below to find out where my favourite clothing pieces are from and to see how I styled them. Always remember can be wearing the most beautiful clothes, but if your heart is not kind, they will never appear to be beautiful.
Love, respect and help others whenever you can.

Until then..Keep Smiling and enjoy the post :)

This first outfit is simple, yet chic! It's casual, yet it makes it look like you tried hard to put it together! :)
Top is from ROMWE. Jeans are from TheIconic and lastly, the shoes are a catch from a boutique I recall.
Hair & Makeup is from the Beautiful @beautybydee 

When I was a little girl, I would only dream of stealing my mums clothing and now I can make that possible! ;)
Just quietly..I had to take this coat when she wasn't looking. It's vintage, its thick and warm! The jumper is from Romwe and the shoes are from Lolashoetique :)

Anything that makes me feel comfortable and cozy..I love!
These shoes are SO comfortable from Lolashoetique. The jumper is from Sammydress. 
Lastly, the tights that I may or may not wear every single day, is from Lululemon :)

I feel like this is the outfit you pop on when you're in a rush, but you still want to look amazing!
It's convenient, stylish and cute! :)
For me, the highlight of this entire look are the shoes. You know those tennis shoes you would wear as a child? The one's that made you feel like you were walking on clouds?! ..Yes  these are them!
They're from Lolashoetique..You're welcome. ; )

I had to throw in a slightly spring/summer time outfit to balance things out!

This black off shoulder top is from sammydress and the shoes are from Lolashoetique, once again.
The beautiful purse was my aunts. I'm so glad it got passed down to me!

Lastly, this was an outfit I really wanted to have in my wardrobe. It reminded me of the 90's (which you know I LOVE!). The tracksuit was from Sammydress and the shoes were from Zushoes.

Watch my video below and let me know which outfit was YOUR FAV in the comments below! :)

Adore you all!
Until Next Time..Love Lilian x


Friday, February 17, 2017

How to Grow your hair FAST!

Hair is something we all have to deal with. Whether you have long hair, short hair, coarse hair or fine hair. We all go through stages where we have the best hair of our lives; it's healthy and thick and then we have those times, (where it may be after a bleach session or overusing hair tools), where our hair may be falling apart, thinning out and just lacking some love.

This is why, I have put together tips and tricks to get your hair, where you want it to be! These tricks are going to give your hair LIFE! They are going to improve the quality of your hair, make it shiny and smooth. Most importantly, it will make your hair grow longer, faster and naturally! ;)

Don't forget to watch my video on hair care below and let me now what you think!

1: Some people only think it's the products you use on your hair, that helps you grow and maintain it. Products will help ensure your hair stays shiny and smooth, however it's what you intake that will allow you to achieve extreme results.
I have always been a firm believer in supplements and nutrition. I have been using Vidaglow for nearly a year now and love it!  Vidaglow comes in sachet's that you pour into your water and drink, up to 3 times a day.  It is filled with collagen, that allows your hair, nails and skin to remain glowing, healthy and strong!
 See, as we get older we unfortunately loose elasticity and the collagen within our bodies. That is why the older we get, the more wrinkly we become and the more easier our hair and nails break. So it is important to upkeep our collagen levels and that is where Vidaglow comes in!
Once you begin drinking Vidaglow, your collagen levels are boosted and spread out within your bloodstream. This allows your hair, nails and skin to remain youthful and healthy!
Also the fun part is, is that it comes in a few flavours for us to try. Mango, blueberry & original!

Image: Breakfast With Audrey

2: This may sound odd, however "Massaging your scalp" is a thing!
Take 5-10 minutes our of your everyday routine and massage your scalp every morning or at night.
All you need is a bristle brush and your work is done. This creates blood flow and opens up your hair follicles, allowing your hair to grow faster!

3: Call me crazy, but I read years ago washing your hair with cold water, allows it to grow faster and healthier. So ever since that article, I have been doing exactly that! I have seen an immense difference and have this crazy tactic to thank for it! What this does is, prevents furthermore damage to your hair. It does not burn your hair and closes up each hair follicle, allowing it to remains strong and not break much more easier. It works..Trust me! 

4: For years my mum would create DIY hair masks at home whilst we were growing up. Each time she would ask us to sit, all I'd do was complain..(because I'd rather watch cartoons all day..duh?!) 
However, as the years went by I realized how much this allowed my hair to remain strong and healthy! She even took it upon herself to create a DIY/Home hair mask video on her Youtube channel :) Watch HERE!

5: Lastly, I think we may all forget the fact that eating healthy and nourished meals, equals in strong and healthy hair, nails and skin. All we need to consume is Vitamins, A, C, Omega 3, Iron, Protein, Zinc and biotin. If you cannot eat these within your meals, its easy take the tablets like I do and you will see GREAT results!

For more tips and tricks watch my videos BELOW too! :)

I hope you beauties enjoyed my post and I hope it helped!
Until next time, adore you all!

Keep Smiling, Love Lilian x

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