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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

How to Look AWAKE Every Morning! - Gray Away Review

It's a struggle waking up every morning & looking put together. 

I mean there's so much we can do, in so little time. We've all been there, we've all wanted to crawl back into bed. But what if I told you that you'd want to jump out of bed, you'd want to be productive, excited, and positive throughout the day... and it could all start in your morning!? I'll tell you how!  

Looking put together in less than 5 minutes will make you feel like you can conquer the world. It will make you feel driven, motivated, and powerful- which we all need. 
Have you realized that when one has makeup on (even a slight bit), they look more awake and act much more confident. However, have you noticed when someone has their hair done? THEN they don't seem to be afraid of anything. They're excited to tackle on anything thrown their way!  

Hair isn't always about a crazy hairstyle, or new colour. Its about being put together and this can happen in the simplest form.  

 I came across this brand called Gray Away recently and was shocked when I began trying the can!  
Firstly, my hair grows SO FAST (I mean I'm not complaining, yet it takes effort to maintain my hair and retouch my grays). Now I may not have a lot of grays, but I still do have them and they need to be taken care of :) So when I began starting to use this tiny, yet powerful can, I was so excited to actually see great results. I mean these days you don't really know what products to try and what will actually work- and this one did!  

So once I create a mix of concealer, mascara, light eye shadows, and a lippie on my face, I have to move onto my hair. I'm not a crazy hairstyle person, however my hair needs to be sleek and chic! :)  

I part my hair in the areas where I might have gray hairs on my roots and lightly spray my Gray Away. I use the colour in "Lightest Brown/Medium Blonde" and it does the trick! It literally covers grays in 10 seconds and becomes the perfect root concealer as well!  
It makes the biggest difference in appearance and instantly makes you feel more confident and powerful (I know it does to me)! 

Besides the qualities above, what I loved about Gray Away was  

  • It matches your hair colour, with self-adjusting colour technology  
  • SO easy to use in between your hair colour appointments  
  • Convenient to carry and throw into your handbag!  
  • Allows your hair to feel and look natural & soft 
  • Free of harsh chemicals and dyes!  
  • I mean what more could you ask for?!  

To me, dressing the part changes my whole outlook on the day and my confidence- and I say we should always feel our best, because...

 Life is Beautiful and why not?! Right? : ) 

Watch my video HERE to see how quickly and conveniently I got ready and used my Gray Away!  

- - - -- - 
Let me know if you've ever tried Gray Away and what your thoughts were!  

Until next time, Keep Smiling! 

Friday, September 1, 2017

Back to School Quick & Easy Makeup Look!

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #SkinClearingMakeup #CollectiveBias
Back to School time is here and it is so important to not only look your best, but to feel your best!
Felling confident changes your attitude and it encourages your self-esteem and positivity in school; towards your classmates and classwork. 

It is so important to have a schedule within your schooling journey and its equally as important to create yourself a skin care and makeup routine each morning. This will quicken your process in getting ready and will keep you organized and content daily. 
Your makeup routine needs to be beneficial to your skin. You don't want to just cover up your blemishes and acne, however prevent it. I have been a long time user of Neutrogena® Cosmetics and recently discovered they created a line for SkinClearing®!! 
To celebrate their fabulous and beneficial line, I created a quick, simple and easy "How-To" makeup look below, just in time for "Back to School "season! This look will boost your confidence right before school starts!  : ) Whether you're a teen in school, or getting ready to move out for college, this is the PERFECT makeup look for you! Enjoy this #SkinClearing ® Makeup! 

So to begin the quick and easy look, once I have moisturized my face, I like to go ahead and wear my Neutrogena® SkinClearing® Makeup, this helps prevent breakouts whilst you wear it. 
It is formulated for acne-prone skin and it is the only liquid makeup foundation with Micro-Clear technology!! This not only treats blemishes, yet helps prevent emerging acne breakouts! :) 

The Micro-Clear technology boosts the power of salicylic acid ,by breaking through oil and unclogging pores for fast acne relief. (Wish I had this whilst in school!) It's also oil-free, so you don't have to worry about breaking out, or the foundation looking caky at all! 

For the next step, I like to go ahead and use my Neutrogena® SkinClearing® Blemish Concealer . This quickly covers any dark circles I may have and makes me look wide awake and ready for school! :) 
It also conceals blemishes and helps clear them up, reducing the visibility of acne! 

Now to make sure my makeup stays put and doesn't move, I like to go ahead and set everything in place using my Neutrogena® SkinClearing® Mineral Powder. This compact powder foundation has a 2 sided applicator too. Its easy to use and provides a fresh, shine-free look! 
This also contains minerals plus Micro-Clear technology, with salicylic acid acne treatment. This formula works to clear and help prevent breakouts while being gentle to skin.

Once I apply a base neutral colour all over my lids, I like to go ahead and use my Neutrogena® Nourishing Eyeliner in "Spiced Chocolate 30" to the bottom area of my eyes. This gives me a bit of a "pop" around my eyes and makes me look more awake! Once I blend everything out, I like to add a bit more light brown shadow to the outer corner of my eyes and blend blend blend! : ) 

To finish off the look, I LOVE adding a pop of colour to my lips! I use the Neutrogena® Moisturesmooth Colorstick Stick in 70. It goes on so smoothly and lasts throughout the day. It's so gentle, moisturizing and feels great on the lips! Once you also add a tiny bit of Mascara, you're done! 

Let me know what you beauties think of my finished "Back to School" makeup look below! : ) I had so much fun creating this, so hope you loved it! Don't forget to comment below your thoughts!

I found all the products featured above at my local CVS. The Neutrogena®  stand was at the opening of the store and they also had one midway in the shop, in the beauty section. It was so easy to find the products and prices were great for "Back to School". I definitely recommend popping in and having a look for yourself! :) 

Remember, to enjoy school, stay confident & postive. Life is way too beautiful!

Until next time, Keep Smiling! 

Love Lilian x 

This post is sponsored by NEUTROGENA®. I only recommend products I use personally and believe my followers will also enjoy! Some of the products mentioned were provided by NEUTROGENA® for this review.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

How to Prepare for FALL!

Can you believe August is nearly done and we are moving into Autumn (well in LA anyway) and back home in Sydney, it's already freezing cold!
So, I thought this might be the perfect time to conduct my Winter style wish list! :  )

I will be showcasing items I'd love to have from one of the popular fashion websites Lyst, as well as my past favourites and obsessions!

Firstly, when it comes to winter or chillier months, the first thing that pops into my head is big fluffy, comfortable jumpers! I have always been a fan of these! I remember going to uni and being so comfortable, yet looking chic whilst wearing my jumpers, or running errands, or even simply leaving the house in them. I fell in love with the below colours, fabric and style!

Which one would be your favourite? :  )

This is one of my favourite from Lyst. The way it hangs on your back, gives it a little something extra! Find it HERE:  I'd style this with black tight for a more casual look, or even a denim skirt like the image, to jazz things up a bit!

Who said you can't deck out in colour, in the middle of winter? ;) I use to be so afraid of brights, up until I realized "why should I not flaunt them?!) Colour always allows you to express yourself, so why not do that? You can team up this yellow skivvy with  a leather skirt, or jeans! It's perfect for a casual, or fun night out!

We can NOT forget about my obsession here...A nice faux leather jacket!! If you've been following me for a while, you'd know how real the obsession IS. Growing up, my mum would always wear them, so naturally when I was older, they were all I wanted to wear! You can make your outfit go from a 5 out of a 10, to a solid 12 (out of 10 ;) haha ..no but really.

As for my favourite shoes you may ask..My go to in winter would be comfortable shoes to run around in and run errands with on the day-to-day. I wasn't always a big fan of flats, however I realized they can certainly look cute with any outfit and there is no complaining involved ;)
I found the cutest white flats on Lyst HERE, would you wear these?

Overall, I'm brining back my old favourites from my winter gallery! Let me know which outfit below was YOUR favourite! I loved all of them for different reasons :) Can't wait to hears yours! 

Until Next Time! Enjoy!
Keep Smiling

Love Lilian x

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

How I Got Clear Skin | O.R.G Mineral Face Peel Review

Having Clear skin gives you confidence, self-esteem and a natural glow! 
Not only does it make you feel better about yourself, it allows you to conquer your fears, talk to strangers and present the best version of yourself! 

I struggled for many years regarding my skin. I had mild acne growing up, I had pigmentation and quite a patchy skin tone. However throughout the years I realized it's something I could change, something I could work towards making better and that I just did! 

Below are my Top 4 Tips on how YOU can get clear Skin and gain more confidence : ) 
Enjoy! x 

I'm going to start of with the basics here..

Drink more Water! 
I know, I know...It sounds cliche', it's already been said before. However, it's the truth.
Drinking even 3-4 glasses a day can make the BIGGEST difference to your skin, your body and energy levels! 
After drinking water for a week straight, you can see clear results. Your completion will literally begin to glow! Water gets rid off dirt, toxins and waste products from your body. It flushes out your system and cleanses your body! What more could you want! : ) 

It is SO important to have your own skin routine and practice it every DAY & NIGHT! 
So many people tell me they have no idea what to use, where to start and how to know what is right for them. I always tell these people the same thing..You need to find products that work for you.

I recently came across a brand called O.R.G and instantly thought "wow" it is one of a kind!
Have you ever heard of a Mineral Face Peel..that comes in a bottle?! Yes neither did I, but I was EAGER to try! :) 

The Peel is a unique spray-on exfoliant that removes dead skin, pore impurities and debris! 
It's filled with natural enzymes, that soften the dead skin and the dirty makeup stuck under our pores. All this, whilst brightening the skin and diminishing any dark spots and imperfections! What more could you want! 

However, what I like most about it, is that it's alcohol free, sulfate free, paraben and cruelty free among other things! 
How I like to use it is to spray on a small amount on my face and neck area, then leave it for a few seconds to absorb. Once this is done, I use my fingers to create a circular motion and exfoliate the dead skin. Once I'm happy with the peel, I rinse my face and call it a day! : ) 
I use this technique 3-4 times a week and that works best for me! 

Personally I saw the results immediately, as you can literally see the dead skin peel off. Let me know once you use it and what you think! I will also be linking my video HERE! :

You may need to calm down..literally! 

Easier said than done, I know. But stress hormones increase oil production. This can lead to clogged pores, whiteheads and uneven skin tone. You may need to make the effort to relax and get your nights rest! 
Try using tips like drinking green tea, have a warm bath, or even go for a jog to tire yourself out! The more you rest the more your skin will Thank YOU! 

Please please please do take off your makeup at night. We all get exhausted and tired. However putting a little stash of face wipes, toners or masks near your bed will do the trick! 
There is nothing worse than bathing in your foundation at night and allowing all that gunk to skink into your pores! Its horrible! 

I hope these tips and tricks have helped you! They really have made my skin glow, which has given me so much more confidence!  : )

Let me know which tips were your favourite below!
Until next time, keep Smiling!

Love Lilian x


Thursday, July 6, 2017

How To Change Your ENTIRE Look this Summer!

Summer is always a fun time to experiment, let loose and change up you look.
Now I know a lot of people go straight towards the hair lightening, tanning or switching up their wardrobe, but besides that, here is a fun and quick way you can change your entire look by 360 degrees!

I recently discovered Hidrocor Solotica lenses from Lens Replica and fell in love!
Now if you know me, you'd know I'm quite a wimp when it come to taking injections, visiting the dentist at times and this also includes placing lenses in my eye ...haha
However, I was excited to give Hidrocor Solotica a try! So many great reviews were found on them and I thought why not!?

The parcel was delivered in such a short period of time, I was surprised at how quickly it came to my doorstep! The package came with the lenses placed in 2 different small jars and a lense holder. I received the colour "Ice" and because my eyes are naturally a dark green/hazel colour, the colour came out quite light blue, which is what I was opting for!

They were so simple and easy to pop in and it felt like I had nothing on- at all! They didn't itch, move or irritate my eyes. You can find my lenses HERE. Let me know what you think! : )

I styled the lenses with this 2 piece, taupe coloured ensemble, alongside pink babydoll heels.
I truly felt like jenny from the block here! haha (don't we all wish!)

I think its the perfect summer look, yet not something expected at all. It's different and not your typical floral design, yet tan and chic!
Comment below your thoughts on the whole look and outfit!

Until next time, Sending Kisses!

Keep Smiling!

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