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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Get Ready With Me | My Airport Morning Routine

Mornings are tough as it is, now mixing  mornings with an Airport routine..may be a bit more tricky!

Growing up, I have ALWAYS loved airports, the excitement, the travel anticipation and the style! So, I decided to create a video and blogpost all about my essentials and what is reallllyyy needed.

Firstly, when it comes to essentials, I tend to get quite patchy and sore during flights, if I don't have the right products with me. In the past few years, I've realised if I didn't moisturise, it would show on my skin. My skin would become flaky and peel in certain areas. So, I began using Gloves in a Bottle. It's such a convenient product to have.
I make sure I am moisturised all over before a flight, especially my hands. The lotion shields my hands from becoming dry, itchy and flaky.

I also make sure I apply it under my primer or foundation, as this will allow my face to be enriched with vitamins and minerals.
You can find Gloves in a bottle from HERE and HERE :)

Other products I HAVE to have are

When it comes to makeup, I pack simple. I only take the essentials!


  • Makeup Brushes (limiting 1-2 brushes for each task)
  • 1 X Primer
  • 2 x Foundation
  • Setting Powder
  • 2 x Eyeshadow palettes (Need variety) 
  • Liquid eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Fake Lashes
  • Lippes :) 

I always get hungry, so I make sure I have a meal or at LEAST a snack before take off!
I LOVE having honey, or peanut butter on some rice cakes, with tea :) 

Overall, make sure to be safe and have fun. Travelling makes us learn SO much about ourselves.
We gather memories and experiences for a lifetime. Enjoy every second and take it all in! :)

Don't forget to watch my Get Ready With Me Video below too! Enjoy!

Until next time
Keep Smiling, Love Lilian x

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