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Friday, February 17, 2017

How to Grow your hair FAST!

Hair is something we all have to deal with. Whether you have long hair, short hair, coarse hair or fine hair. We all go through stages where we have the best hair of our lives; it's healthy and thick and then we have those times, (where it may be after a bleach session or overusing hair tools), where our hair may be falling apart, thinning out and just lacking some love.

This is why, I have put together tips and tricks to get your hair, where you want it to be! These tricks are going to give your hair LIFE! They are going to improve the quality of your hair, make it shiny and smooth. Most importantly, it will make your hair grow longer, faster and naturally! ;)

Don't forget to watch my video on hair care below and let me now what you think!

1: Some people only think it's the products you use on your hair, that helps you grow and maintain it. Products will help ensure your hair stays shiny and smooth, however it's what you intake that will allow you to achieve extreme results.
I have always been a firm believer in supplements and nutrition. I have been using Vidaglow for nearly a year now and love it!  Vidaglow comes in sachet's that you pour into your water and drink, up to 3 times a day.  It is filled with collagen, that allows your hair, nails and skin to remain glowing, healthy and strong!
 See, as we get older we unfortunately loose elasticity and the collagen within our bodies. That is why the older we get, the more wrinkly we become and the more easier our hair and nails break. So it is important to upkeep our collagen levels and that is where Vidaglow comes in!
Once you begin drinking Vidaglow, your collagen levels are boosted and spread out within your bloodstream. This allows your hair, nails and skin to remain youthful and healthy!
Also the fun part is, is that it comes in a few flavours for us to try. Mango, blueberry & original!

Image: Breakfast With Audrey

2: This may sound odd, however "Massaging your scalp" is a thing!
Take 5-10 minutes our of your everyday routine and massage your scalp every morning or at night.
All you need is a bristle brush and your work is done. This creates blood flow and opens up your hair follicles, allowing your hair to grow faster!

3: Call me crazy, but I read years ago washing your hair with cold water, allows it to grow faster and healthier. So ever since that article, I have been doing exactly that! I have seen an immense difference and have this crazy tactic to thank for it! What this does is, prevents furthermore damage to your hair. It does not burn your hair and closes up each hair follicle, allowing it to remains strong and not break much more easier. It works..Trust me! 

4: For years my mum would create DIY hair masks at home whilst we were growing up. Each time she would ask us to sit, all I'd do was complain..(because I'd rather watch cartoons all day..duh?!) 
However, as the years went by I realized how much this allowed my hair to remain strong and healthy! She even took it upon herself to create a DIY/Home hair mask video on her Youtube channel :) Watch HERE!

5: Lastly, I think we may all forget the fact that eating healthy and nourished meals, equals in strong and healthy hair, nails and skin. All we need to consume is Vitamins, A, C, Omega 3, Iron, Protein, Zinc and biotin. If you cannot eat these within your meals, its easy take the tablets like I do and you will see GREAT results!

For more tips and tricks watch my videos BELOW too! :)

I hope you beauties enjoyed my post and I hope it helped!
Until next time, adore you all!

Keep Smiling, Love Lilian x

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