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Friday, April 21, 2017

My Coachella Experience 2017 | Smashbox Event

There's events, then there are Smashbox Events.

Last Friday I headed to the desert in Palm Springs to experience Coachella and a few events.
It would have been my first time attending the Festival events, so I had no idea what to expect.

 My sister Sarah and I arrived in Palm Desert early morning at around 10 am and let me tell you the 2 hour drive was worth it. The serenity in the desert, the quite and the calm, is something you can never replicate. Untouched land, with beautiful windmills. It really was like a movie.

We got ready and were waiting for our car to pick us up from Smashbox Cosmetics. 
The car drove us about 10 minutes away from where we initially were, into the hills. Sarah and  I then walked into a beautifully setup mansion.

There were Smashbox inflated lips everywhere! Red, blue, pink and blue and they were all gorgeous. The venue had a pool, a tennis court and even a zen garden. Fancy.

We spoke amongst people and they were all incredibly lovely. We received a palm reading, hair and makeup and of course, a few drinks.
However, what got me the most excited was the food. The food people. So delicious, refreshing and perfect for the desert. We had so many tacos, I was surprised we were able to keep it together.

Dress: Zaful 

I am so grateful to work with the brands I do, however Smashbox always makes me feel like I can accomplish anything. I wear their "Always On matte Liquid lipsticks" every single day and simply never get tired of them.

Thank You to Smashbox for having us! We had a blast :)

Dress: HotMiamiStyles 

Dress: OneHoneyBoutique 

Which outfit has been your favourite so far? Comment Below!

Until next time.
Keep Smiling x

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