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Thursday, June 22, 2017


Admit it or not, Kim Kardashian has become some sort of a style icon in the past few years. She's daring, bold and isn't afraid of change. When I think of her, I think confident, chic and sexy!

So I thought I'd recreate a few of her famous looks and also create a style like diary, to put together outfits inspired by her brand and look! :) 
There was no other place I would go straight to, to do this task, than HotMiamiStyles! 

Everyone ALWAYS asks me, where I shop, where I purchase my style from and what inspires me and often times I always have the same old response...HotMiamiStyles. Their outfits are so nicely put together, thick and created truly with great fabric! 
I constantly wear their jeans, their coats and their one pieces. They have never tarnished on me, never ripped apart or torn. Ever. 
...and for that I'm grateful : )

I like to call this first outfit 90's Chic! 
It's gold, it's backless and it screams out stylish!

I decided to pair this gold halter neck top, with these tight black jeans and call it a day.
It's comfortable, sexy and chic!
What do you think?! 

Jeans: HERE

Growing up, I have always loved my pinks and taupes. However this blush colour gives life a whole new meaning! : )
Welcome to Modern Blush!
Such a comfortable 2 piece outfit! With a long coat, it's the perfect duo... Colour wise and look wise!

You can always dress this look UP or DOWN! 

2 Piece: HERE
Coat: HERE 

This look was surely inspired by Kim Kardashian's VMA'S look I believe.
It's sexy, stylish and it stands out! It's AWARD SHOW CHIC!

I feel like this would be the perfect LBD to have in your wardrobe and it needs little to accessorize with! Thoughts?!

Dress: HERE 

Now, last but not least.. I had to have some sort of a gown thrown into the mix!
I have always had a thing for gold and black and together ..even better!!
When I saw the below dress, I fell in love! It's so wearable at an event, a wedding or any special occasion. It has the right amount of style to question people and grab their attention!

It's a Gold love Affair!

Dress: HERE 

Let me know which outfit was YOUR FAV and don't forget to watch the video below!

Until next time..Keep Smiling!

Love Lilian x 


Tuesday, June 20, 2017


I have always been a fan of companies and products that stay true to themselves. Companies that create great quality products, that are pigmented, long-lasting and flawless on the skin and PUR is one of them.
Having discovered them a few years ago, I immediately fell in love with their products, colours and packaging.

PUR recently came out with their new "Diaries Collection" and once the collection was seen by beauty influencers and the public last week, its been loved since!

Anyone can create a makeup line, however it takes a few to get all the details correct. From the gorgeous marble packaging, to the lovely shades of light, to warm; everything is perfect. Matter of fact, it IS all in the detail.

The new collection comes with an eyeshadow palette, called the "Soiree' Diaries" and the "Contour Diaries". The brand also released other amazing goodies, including their "On Point Liquid Eyeliner" and pencil, as well as their Velvet matte liquid lipstick! 

With the eye shadow palette, users are given a choice of 12 colours to use. You have your lights and bases on the first row, then you have your taupes and browns. On the last row, you are given a special treatment of cream metallics, they're absolutely gorgeous and well pigmented!

The "Contour Diaries" comes with 6 gorgeous shades and it's all you need to beat that face! ;) You have your setting powders, your bronzers and sculpting contours. It's the perfect go-to palette for summer!

Everyone always asks me, what looks I tend to go for on a daily basis. My answer always seems to be  the same and thats a nice smoky brown eye look. Minimalistic, yet it stands out and it looks like you made the effort! : )
You can create this look in less than 5 minutes and it looks well put together.
With a dash of the PUR Elevation Perfecting Highlight, you are ready to walk out that door!
Let me know what you think of the look below!

You are able to find the new PUR Collection below!

Let me know what you think of the new collection below. If you haven't fallen in love with it yet, you're welcome! :)

Hope you all have a beautiful day! Keep Smiling!

Love Lilian x

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