Thursday, June 22, 2017


Admit it or not, Kim Kardashian has become some sort of a style icon in the past few years. She's daring, bold and isn't afraid of change. When I think of her, I think confident, chic and sexy!

So I thought I'd recreate a few of her famous looks and also create a style like diary, to put together outfits inspired by her brand and look! :) 
There was no other place I would go straight to, to do this task, than HotMiamiStyles! 

Everyone ALWAYS asks me, where I shop, where I purchase my style from and what inspires me and often times I always have the same old response...HotMiamiStyles. Their outfits are so nicely put together, thick and created truly with great fabric! 
I constantly wear their jeans, their coats and their one pieces. They have never tarnished on me, never ripped apart or torn. Ever. 
...and for that I'm grateful : )

I like to call this first outfit 90's Chic! 
It's gold, it's backless and it screams out stylish!

I decided to pair this gold halter neck top, with these tight black jeans and call it a day.
It's comfortable, sexy and chic!
What do you think?! 

Jeans: HERE

Growing up, I have always loved my pinks and taupes. However this blush colour gives life a whole new meaning! : )
Welcome to Modern Blush!
Such a comfortable 2 piece outfit! With a long coat, it's the perfect duo... Colour wise and look wise!

You can always dress this look UP or DOWN! 

2 Piece: HERE
Coat: HERE 

This look was surely inspired by Kim Kardashian's VMA'S look I believe.
It's sexy, stylish and it stands out! It's AWARD SHOW CHIC!

I feel like this would be the perfect LBD to have in your wardrobe and it needs little to accessorize with! Thoughts?!

Dress: HERE 

Now, last but not least.. I had to have some sort of a gown thrown into the mix!
I have always had a thing for gold and black and together ..even better!!
When I saw the below dress, I fell in love! It's so wearable at an event, a wedding or any special occasion. It has the right amount of style to question people and grab their attention!

It's a Gold love Affair!

Dress: HERE 

Let me know which outfit was YOUR FAV and don't forget to watch the video below!

Until next time..Keep Smiling!

Love Lilian x 

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