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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

How to Look AWAKE Every Morning! - Gray Away Review

It's a struggle waking up every morning & looking put together. 

I mean there's so much we can do, in so little time. We've all been there, we've all wanted to crawl back into bed. But what if I told you that you'd want to jump out of bed, you'd want to be productive, excited, and positive throughout the day... and it could all start in your morning!? I'll tell you how!  

Looking put together in less than 5 minutes will make you feel like you can conquer the world. It will make you feel driven, motivated, and powerful- which we all need. 
Have you realized that when one has makeup on (even a slight bit), they look more awake and act much more confident. However, have you noticed when someone has their hair done? THEN they don't seem to be afraid of anything. They're excited to tackle on anything thrown their way!  

Hair isn't always about a crazy hairstyle, or new colour. Its about being put together and this can happen in the simplest form.  

 I came across this brand called Gray Away recently and was shocked when I began trying the can!  
Firstly, my hair grows SO FAST (I mean I'm not complaining, yet it takes effort to maintain my hair and retouch my grays). Now I may not have a lot of grays, but I still do have them and they need to be taken care of :) So when I began starting to use this tiny, yet powerful can, I was so excited to actually see great results. I mean these days you don't really know what products to try and what will actually work- and this one did!  

So once I create a mix of concealer, mascara, light eye shadows, and a lippie on my face, I have to move onto my hair. I'm not a crazy hairstyle person, however my hair needs to be sleek and chic! :)  

I part my hair in the areas where I might have gray hairs on my roots and lightly spray my Gray Away. I use the colour in "Lightest Brown/Medium Blonde" and it does the trick! It literally covers grays in 10 seconds and becomes the perfect root concealer as well!  
It makes the biggest difference in appearance and instantly makes you feel more confident and powerful (I know it does to me)! 

Besides the qualities above, what I loved about Gray Away was  

  • It matches your hair colour, with self-adjusting colour technology  
  • SO easy to use in between your hair colour appointments  
  • Convenient to carry and throw into your handbag!  
  • Allows your hair to feel and look natural & soft 
  • Free of harsh chemicals and dyes!  
  • I mean what more could you ask for?!  

To me, dressing the part changes my whole outlook on the day and my confidence- and I say we should always feel our best, because...

 Life is Beautiful and why not?! Right? : ) 

Watch my video HERE to see how quickly and conveniently I got ready and used my Gray Away!  

- - - -- - 
Let me know if you've ever tried Gray Away and what your thoughts were!  

Until next time, Keep Smiling! 
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